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65Daigou and Online Shopping

Posted on Jan 26, 2013 by in All Post, Beauty + Fashion, Photography | 2 comments

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As Chinese New Year draws close, it’s time to do some shopping for new clothes, new bags and what-nots (or maybe it’s just a random reason to shop. GIRLS. (◎´〇`◎)ノ)~!

I actually already did some shopping in town with Feng but somehow it’s just not as easy to find lovely looking clothes out there unless you really walk from one end of Orchard Road to another then the probability might be higher. But being unsatisfied with what I can shop for, I decided to head over 65Daigou to check out the various China and Taiwan websites that they are recommending.

Why 65Daigou you might ask? I actually found them after realising the beauty of Taobao (淘宝网) when I was looking around for lovely doll accessories and all for my dear Eva. Taobao has like everything and anything and the range of items for Ball-Jointed Dolls (BJD) is just amazing, ranging from lovely wigs to lovely handmade outfits. The price can sometimes be somehow expensive like every other doll items you find online but their quality is actually not too bad, especially the wigs. LOVE WIGS for my doll! ♥

Enough of my ramblings of Taobao and back to 65Daigou. I was looking around for Taobao agent and came across 65Daigou. I supposed there are a lot of Taobao agents around but somehow or another, I settled with 65Daigou and since then has been using them for my purchases with Taobao. I love the efficiency and everything else 65Daigou has provided me, especially being able to collect at MRT stations after the ordered items arrived in Singapore! And considering one of the locations is at SengKang, I am even happier.(*´ε`*)

So 65Daigou has a new service and now they are acting as agent with Taiwan sellers~! So that means you can order from any Taiwan websites without having to wait for sprees! Such exciting news back then but when the news was out and I was having plans to head out Taiwan, I didn’t start trying out the service until now.

Off I went to start my Taiwan online shopping craze as I looked through pages and pages of the Taiwan sellers’ website, looking out and shortlisting lovely outfits. And in the end I ended up ordering LOADS of items ‘cos of this craze. After consulting with my dear Feng, I went ahead with my order. I ♥ how 65Daigou allows me to just enter the link of the item I want and they will extract all the necessary information as compared to in the past when we have to enter all this information ourselves. Great improvement from them on that. ٩(๑•ε-๑)۶

Here’s a photo fresh out of the oven! Just collected all my items and tried them too! LOVE THEM TO BITS.

All in all, I have FOUR bags, SEVEN tops, ONE skirt, ONE pair of pants and TWO bras. Hahaha! I am so amazed with myself now. Of ‘cos the cost of shipping them to Singapore cost slightly more considering the total weight of all the items that I got but since each piece of item doesn’t cost a lot, it’s still well worth it. ♪ ♬ ヾ(´︶`♡)ノ ♬ ♪

65Daigou Taiwan Online Shopping Mayuki Tokyo Fashion Taobao Gainreel

Here’s the list of sellers that I got my items from:

  • Gainreel (歌瑞尔) :- Super lovely and pretty bra selection! I got two and both feels comfortable after wearing them! ♥
  • Fashion Bags (天藍小舖) :- Am a great supporter of theirs in the past whenever there was any ongoing online spree. This time I got three bags from them and have to say am quite satisfied with them! I think I just can’t get enough of looking at their lovely bags. Haha! ♥
  • Tokyo Queen (東京靓包) :- This brand is kind of new to me and they also have a wide selection of bags but not as much or attractive as 天藍小舖 though. But I love the bag that I got from them. ♥
  • Tokyo Fashion (東京著衣)/Mayuki/YOCO/VOYYA :- One of my all-time favourite Taiwan seller~! Didn’t have a chance to look at others as only Tokyo Fashion has clothes for Spring-time as compared to other sellers that are still listing the winter clothings. So got LOADS of clothes from them! ♥♥♥

I think most of us who actually bought clothes from Taiwan before will agree that most of their clothes are actually slightly translucent. I have such problems for those inner piece for my 2-layer tops. Now I wonder if my mummy, the wonder-tailor of mine, can help me with that… Hehe. (°´˘`°)

I will definitely head back to 65Daigou to shop for more items again! Of ‘cos this time I might try to… Control? (ت)♪

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  1. Hi dear, do you think air shipping via 65daigou is better? If i buy like 2 jeans 1 swimsuit, do you think the shipping fee would be expensive? hehe

  2. Hi dearie!

    Not sure what you mean by better but air shipping will definitely arrive much faster than sea shipment. If you’re in a rush to get your items, this might be a way to go though it will be more expensive.
    As for whether the shipping fee will be expensive, eh… Not very sure what’s your definition of expensive also. Hahaha! Probably can use to get a feel of how much it might cost since usually jeans might be heavier?

    Not sure if this helps since I can’t really give you an exact answer. 🙂


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