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A Little Surprise :)

Posted on Oct 26, 2012 by in All Post, General, Photography | 0 comments

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Just some few days back, I ordered a limited edition figurine from a Japanese Ebay seller.

Yesterday went back to my parents’ house to collect the package and here’s what I found inside the package besides the figurine I ordered. 🙂

おもしろいてがみです~ Got this interesting letter in the package! In it, he wrote ’bout wanting to make friends with people from Ebay. So cute~ ♥

日本から手紙 Letter from a Japanese Ebay seller

He also included a crane origami in the letter. 😀

おりずる Enclosed orizuru, an origami crane, with the letter

There are also LOTS of crackers and Kit Kat in the package. The cutest has got to be the two packs of tea as he even included instructions on how to make hot and cold tea! So cute indeed~ ♥

宇治抹茶やキトカトなどがあります Crackers, Kit Kat and Uji Matcha were found in the package

I will probably send him an email some time this week and no harm having another overseas friend eh? I can even practise my Japanese! Haha! ♥

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