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A Little Thing Called Love…

Posted on Feb 5, 2011 by in Wedding | 0 comments

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It was a random movie on Starhub Cable TV. Thought that it will be some random Thailand love movie. But it turned out better than expected. A movie that brought back memories.

It has just a simple storyline, a simple plot. Girl has a crush on a great-looking and popular senior and trying everything to get his attention. And so the story goes from there.

Probably to some it’s nothing interesting but for ladies who have been through the stage of having a crush during your school days, this movie is really for you! It really brought back memories to the time when I had a crush on a senior in my school. Everytime I see him, my heart seemed to skip a beat. The most memorable time was when I was walking down the stairs and he was sitting right at the table looking up in my direction. I guess I nearly fainted but that must be one of my happiest moment. Sadly for me, I didn’t have female friends to share ’bout this crush I had unlike in the movie the girl has her girlfriends to give her support.

These crushes in school. Sweet and memorable. It’s fun to think back and know that I been through such a lovely stage of my life. 🙂

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