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A Most Interesting Cab Conversation

Posted on Oct 31, 2010 by in All Post, General | 0 comments

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Today we took a cab from Chinatown to come back to my house. The cab driver started a really interesting conversation with Feng.

First, he asked Feng whether we had our dinner yet, to which Feng replied saying we haven’t had any and are going home to have our dinner. Then the cab driver said he will give us a treat and asked if we want to. Of course the only answer that Feng will give is to say “It’s okie. Thank you.”

Then the cab driver suddenly said to Feng that he is very good looking. And then asked how old is Feng. The cab driver guessed an age too young and when Feng revealed his age, he said Feng looks really young. And then he followed up with another question by asking if Feng is married. And Feng said yes.

Now. The weirdest question. He asked Feng if I’m his wife. o.O
Erm… Excuse me? Unless you think I’m the sister else am I his mistress? Hahaha!
Then he went on to ask if I’m a local. And Feng said yes.
Hahaha! I’m amazed! I wonder is it the new hairband that I bought from Helen together with the maxi dress and vest combination, making him think that I’m not local? I’m going to assume he thought I don’t understand what he’s saying since he asked that question. Haha!

Then he went on to say his son is married but is going to get a divorce soon. And the son is 37 years old and still don’t know how to think.
Alright. Thanks uncle. I thought what great news are you going to share.
Then he said his daughter is better. Just got married in January.
Alright. Thanks for sharing.

Luckily from then on, he didn’t asked anything or said anything much. Phew.

But honestly, that’s one weird conversation.

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