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A Small Update.

Posted on Aug 5, 2008 by in Beauty + Fashion | 0 comments

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Man, seems like I’m losing the time to blog. I have no time for everything ‘cos I have everything that I want to do. SAD.

Anywayz, here’s some small little update I thought someone somewhere out there might like to know ’bout how I’m doing. :X

I’m doing fine. Work’s good but tiring nowadays since am busy with testing and debugging like every single day. Documentation sux. My eyes are tired from looking at the screen. And is this the kind of stuffs you want to hear me rant ’bout? Haha! Seriously, everyone I know at Delta House are great people! I think it’s so hard to come by such a great number of people who are great. 🙂

So that’s work. Personal life wise, nothing much is up. Talks of saving up for marriage if you’re interested? Hahahaha! Nothing much is on. Just same old lame us. :X

And I’m still a shopaholic no matter how poor I am. =| So here’s to share what I have ordered recently! 😉

Re-ordered this dress and still waiting for it to arrive! I have so many problems with this lovely dress. Luckily I was not one of those whose items are OOS. I just hope am NOT! =|

Just received this some days back. I want the cold weather to come!!! So I can wear this more often. Haha!

I’m crazy ’bout dresses nowadays. This is my don’t-know-how-many piece of dress! :X

And lastly! Another dress/skirt! I just love the black-floral combination! I just hope it arrives looking great and not cheapo. :X

That’s it! I’m really kind of lazy nowadays. So it’s a great feat that I actually uploaded photos and blog a bit. Man. I’m such a slacker!

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