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An Old Modern Camera

Posted on Nov 10, 2010 by in Photography | 0 comments

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Before the digital-camera era, everyone’s house should have a modern film camera that gives you the ease of putting in the film and does the auto-winding, forwarding and unwinding of the film. This is unlike the popular range of toy cameras of nowadays that falls back to the traditional fun of you winding, forwarding and unwinding the film yourself.

So we too used to have this trusty modern film camera that our dad always brought out with him whenever Chinese New Year was here or when we go for overseas trip. Those were indeed the days. 🙂

And this camera was placed in my dry cabinet by my mum. So when I started to have this film-camera craze, I decided to bring this camera out, mainly to use up the roll of film which was inside the camera and to see what the expired film brings me. 🙂

Truth is, I prefer my toy cameras and Rolleicord more than using a modern film camera. ‘Cos there’s no fun in everything automated in a film camera since you can’t capture any multiple-exposure, one of my favourite features of a film camera. Hence it took me months to finally finish a roll of 32 exposures.

I must say the results are kind of unexpected. It’s something like that of XA2 but it lacks the sharpness in most photos even though it has automated focusing. I have quite a number of shots that are actually Out-Of-Focs (OOF), which was quite a waste. And since it’s a ISO200 film and without much sunlight, I was only able to capture more darkness than brightness. 🙂

Konica Z-Up 110 1st Roll

For more, do visit my Konica Minolta Z-Up 110 Collection flickr page.

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