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And so they think.

Posted on Nov 23, 2008 by in General | 0 comments

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Shun-love looks like her darling.

This is not the first time someone said Shun-love looks like her darling. The first time was when her colleague saw the wallpaper of Shun-love on her notebook at work and asked, “You boyfriend?”. And the photo of her and her darling was just beside the notebook. Looking back and forth between the two, she spotted no similarities.

And then it was many other colleagues of hers who said the same thing. Shun-love as her boyfriend? She doesn’t mind. But Shun-love looking like her boyfriend? Hm. She doesn’t see the difference.

And then one week back, one of her friends commented on the similarity again.

As to why Shun-love looks like her boyfriend and not her boyfriend looks like Shun-love is ‘cos both of them are coincidentally born in 1982 and are December babies. And Shun-love is a few days younger than her darling!

Oh, Shun-love. Oh, her darling.

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