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Annual General Meeting.

Posted on Sep 28, 2008 by in General | 2 comments

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Sounds like some grand meeting but it’s really more of a term this girl and her JC pals have been using for the past few years to mean their annual meet-up with each other.

WB is still the same after so many years and of ‘cos looks better as the days go by. 😉

TTC is also the same as usual and this girl can’t believe that she has already known him for half of her life already! Scary. :O

XX is still as tai-tai as ever. Her distinct laughter and voice will never change. 😛

LX is still the motherly figure in her opinion. But of cos prettier and all is not to be missed. 🙂

Nowadays such meet-ups have turned towards a more mature topic. No more topics on what are we studying and how’s school life. It has shifted to talks of weddings and what-nots. Seems like everyone has already grown up even though someone doesn’t want to grow up!

Somehow it seems that time has passed so fast. Everyone has reached the next phase of their life. It’s about work and marriage.

This girl is really happy to be able to catch up with everyone. Knowing how everyone is doing for the past one year. How she wish they will be able to meet up more though everyone’s just too busy.

Work towards seeing everyone again soon!

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  1. Of course, you look GOOD too! It’s interesting to know that you have such amazing photography skills. Next ime must teach me … but you need to be VERY patient with someone who is an IT-idiot. haha

  2. Thanks a lot. Mine is really still very amateurish. Hehez. There are many out there with more lovely ones! 😉

    No problem one lah. Once you have the camera in your hands, shouldn’t be tough le. Hiakz. I’m still learning also. 😛

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