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Birthday Dinner at Katsukura~!

Posted on Jan 17, 2013 by in All Post, Food, Japan, Tokyo | 0 comments

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So on the day we arrived in Tokyo was also my birthday! ★━━━キャo(●>∀<)o━━━☆

So after reaching our hotel by the airport limousine and unpacking a bit, we set up out MacBook Air and start researching on where will be a good place to dine at for my birthday. Thanks goodness to having free broadband in the hotel and us bringing our LAN cable adapter along for our MacBook Air, we were able to Google a bit on where are the nearest dining area.

After some deliberating, we decided to head out to Takashimaya which was located just near our hotel by crossing a nearby bridge. Apparently shops in Japan closes really really really early!? We really didn’t know that much until we reached Takashimaya and realised the building was so quiet… Luckily we weren’t there to shop and luckily for us also, the restaurants located in Takashimaya opens until 11:00PM as compared to the many shops that closes at 8:00PM – 8:30PM. (๏ⅹ๏ა)あ…

So after giving the row of restaurant a quick walk-around, we decided to settle with Katsukura (かつくら). Since it was so long ago, honestly I don’t even remember the reason for shortlisting this place. And also for some stupid reason, I started getting a sore throat upon reaching Japan so I wasn’t in a really great mood for much choosing around. Oops. (´~`ก;)

Dining at Katsukura かつくら 新宿高島屋

Before taking our seats, we were being asked by the counter service staff if we wanted an English menu, probably sensing that we are tourists. Of course we said yes to that! Boy were we glad to have an English menu~! Makes ordering much easier too. Note that during that time I was only doing some self-studying for Japanese language hence I was no expert in reading much Japanese character much less remember how most of them are being pronounced. So an English menu during that was really very much welcomed. I honestly think even now I will still want an English menu, you know… Just in case… Hahaha! ///(^。^;)

Dining at Katsukura かつくら 新宿高島屋

Dining at Katsukura かつくら 新宿高島屋

I don’t remember the exact orders we have but what I slightly remembered was after taking our order, we were being asked if we wanted some shredded lettuce. Since the lady serving us was a Japanese, there was some laughable moment when we were trying to understand each other. Also when she came over with our tofu and sesame with a grind, she tried to teach us how to mix with the sauces on the table. And due to some communication barrier, the best way is to use sign language. Hahaha! Honestly being in Japan was fun even though there was a language barrier. This additional challenge makes the trip so much more memorable than all other trips that we have went to. Do note this does not apply to resorts. We usually expect almost no communication barrier between us and the service staff in a resort. More on this when I have time to blog about a slight incident we had at a resort. (。・ω・`; )

Here’s the tofu and sesame with the grind! I know I probably am using the wrong word. Grind. Haha! Whatever.

So we were supposed to grind the sesame to a certain consistency that we like and then put in one of the selection of sauce from the table to mix with the grinded sesame. This will form the sauce for our dishes. (ت)

Dining at Katsukura かつくら 新宿高島屋

So here’s what I ordered but I hardly remember anything ’bout it. The only thing I remembered was how delicious the tempura and tonkatsu were. During then, I don’t really remember Singapore having any appealing tonkatsu restaurants. Tempura and tonkatsu at Katsukura was definitely something different from what we have ever tried in Singapore. Or maybe Japanese food just taste so much better when it’s really made in Japan. (ت)

Dining at Katsukura かつくら 新宿高島屋

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