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Bits of Wedding Happiness.

Posted on Aug 19, 2009 by in Wedding | 0 comments

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They consulted Master David Tong on the wedding dates selection. Met up with him yesterday and got back dates to both solemnization and actual day. So now they are ready to go more into planning!

Just a halting news. The brother hasn’t chosen a date for his actual day which is supposed to take place next year too. So they have yet to confirm a date for solemnization. BUT. It’s a start to bits of wedding happiness!

Another happy news is that the dress that she is interested in for her solemnization can be custom made to the color that she wants! Real great happiness there ‘cos she loves that dress design but her mummy was saying no to the dark color.

Wedding preparations have to stop by tomorrow since it’s the 7th lunar month. Means no reservation or buying of anything during this month.

But they are gonna try the food from the restaurant they have in mind before confirming that location!

Triple happiness! Yippie!

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