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Busy Morning.

Posted on Aug 13, 2008 by in Photography | 0 comments

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A rare beautiful morning.

This girl came out of her shower and noticed the beautiful sky. This girl was so excited because it has been really long since the sky was this beautiful.

She rushed into her room, ponder for a moment about the usage of her Tammy 90mm for landscape, before dashing back to her parents’ room to snap a photo of the sky. Usually there isn’t much time to consider since the sky that accompanies the sunrise only last a while.

Alas! Dear Tammy’s focus is too tight for landscape! This girl dashed back to her room, put down her DSLR and rushed to grab her Sonnie 18-70mm for landscape. Rushed back to her room, tried with trembling hands and pumping heart, to try to exchange Tammy for Sonnie.

Then she dashed back to her parents’ room to see that the sky wasn’t as pretty as when she saw it already. But still, she believed in the power of Photomatix and snapped away anyway. She took a long time composing and getting the right shutter time for a nicer snap of the sky.

Finally, she was satisfied with her shots. And back to her room she went. Put down her DSLR and began her normal routine to get ready for work.

A Busy Morning Shot

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