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Captured In Glass.

Posted on Feb 22, 2011 by in Photography | 0 comments

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Gave Eva her new pair of eyes which I ordered from Captured In Glass in Den of Angels. Wanted something more blue and that’s for not listening to someone’s post in DoA who said it’s actually more green and chose to believe the photo instead. So now she got a pair of eyes that looks like the pair of eyes she got on when she first arrived at my house. Sigh. Thinking to order another pair of blue ones for her now. 🙁

Then upon removing her old eyes, her lashes dropped out! Seems like previously when she went for her faceup, the lady sticked her lashes with light glue. So I had a hard time putting back and it’s still imperfect placing. In certain angles you probably can spot the lashes are not nicely place. Boohoo! 🙁

Aside from all those unhappiness, here’s Eva looking lovely as ever. I really love the eyes but blame myself for not getting something more blue. They look great anyway. 🙂

Captured In Glass Eyes

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