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Posted on Oct 22, 2008 by in Photography | 0 comments

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I'm Caught on Camera!

Chirp chirp.

Three is a market.

While this girl was preparing to go to work, she heard the usual chirping outside her window. Thinking it will just last for a while, she continued putting on her make-up.

But the chirping continues. She packed away her make-up and peeked out of her window. Three birds were resting at the ledge near her window. One of them looked like the child since it was being protected by the other two. Such a cute scene only prompts her to do one thing.

Went to get her Tammy and attempted to take a photo of the gathering outside her window. Before she can make her final movement, the gathering was already on alert and dispersed from her slightest movement.

Failed. She walked back to her room and the gathering appeared again. This time she made no attempt to open the window or move much. Got ready her camera and shoot away through the window.

Nice. Cute. Lovely birds. 🙂

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