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Curse of the Pink Comb

Posted on Sep 10, 2010 by in All Post, General | 0 comments

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A terrible morning that started with the combing process.
Itchy-Finger Shan decided to try to curl the hair crown so as to provide more volume.
Off she curl the hair into the PINK COMB.

Once she’s done, she attempted to curl the PINK COMB back out.
And lo and behold!
The whole bunch of hair was stuck within the PINK COMB.
The PINK COMB can’t move right, nor can it move.
The PINK COMB can’t move up and can only move down to make things worse.

So Itchy-Finger Shan started to panick.
The bunch of hair just refused to come out AT ALL!
15-20 minutes of pulling of the hair out, she decided to use another comb as help.
Off she combed the bunch out slowly and off the PINK COMB started to come out.

So the PINK COMB came off. Together with A BUNCH OF HER HAIR.
So now Itchy-Finger Shan has a painful scalp and lost quite some hair. 🙁

The morning sucks when she splashed some cereal milk on herself.
Out of anger, she poured the milk away.
Then she forgot to remove her brolly out of her bag for sunning after yesterday’s rain.

Luckily the bad luck stopped there and then.
But with the freaky hair incident really scarred her.
No more freaky PINK COMB!

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