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Double Happiness.

Posted on Apr 19, 2010 by in Wedding | 2 comments

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This blog hasn’t been updated and she sends her apologies.

Fact is, she has been having really busy and somehow some fulfilling days within this one month hiatus.

First Happiness

Us at One World Hotel

BB and GG at One World Hotel

Her first happiness started with her secret trip to Bandar Utama with the boyfriend. The secret was not the trip but the purpose itself. So off they went to Bandar Utama.

Upon reaching Bandar Utama, they check-in to One World Hotel before proceeding to meet the important person of this trip, Grace. Grace is a female photographer in Malaysia and her work has caught the attention of both of them. So this trip there was mainly to look at her portfolio and getting to know her. Turns out Grace is really a bubbly and friendly photographer. That’s when the boyfriend and her decided that she will definitely have to be their wedding photographer. So on the journey back to the hotel, after some mini discussion on the package provided by Grace, they hopped on to their side-quest! Attack of A&W!

The re-visiting to A&W was just absolutely wonderful. The Root Beer Float was fantastic. Her first try on the Coney Dog was great. But what’s more fulfilling from the meal was to be able to munch on the Curly Fries! It’s just way yummy. A&W might be something that you come by everyday, but for every Singaporean, being able to have it again is just wonderful.

A happy trip. A happy couple. A happy photographer. A happy ending. 🙂

For more details of the trip, please refer to the boyfriend’s blog entry.

Second Happiness

Jay Chou 2010 Singapore Concert

Jay Chou 2010 Singapore Concert

As most Singaporeans, or Jay Chou fans to be exact, will know that last week there was a “war” at Sistic where people are queuing and mega-spamming online for tickets to Jay Chou’s 2010 World Tour Concert on 24 July.

So as a fan of Jay Chou, she went to queue at Sistic after realising that the Sistic website crashed at 9AM, the exact time that the ticketing starts.

Such was a long queue already when she reached the Sistic counter at IMM! And was such disappointment as after queuing for two hours, she failed to get any tickets. Only two person in the queue got tickets out of the many at IMM. Some were reluctant to leave (such as her) while others started leaving upon hearing the ticket count from the lady at Sistic. When she announced the second show, many decided that was enough (including her) and left. Of ‘cos there were still many trying online and one guy who was so reluctant to leave the counter even when she went for lunch at 1PM.

Such is the craze for Jay Chou’s concert tickets. And being really disappointed for the whole day, she decided to try her luck on Sistic again. Due to the unstable Sistic server, the count of the tickets was unstable too. She tried adding one CAT 1 ticket with success before spamming F5 to refresh for more CAT 1 tickets.

Lo and behold! Two CAT 1 tickets in the shopping cart! And upon checking, these two tickets belong to the same block, same row and is seated side by side! She quickly paid for it and went to collect the tickets at Jurong Point, afraid that this is all not true. So is this luck or are these two tickets the phantom tickets?

And so the next day was the ticketing sale for Jay Chou’s concert in Taiwan. She took one day leave to dedicate her life to refreshing the website. After the website went completely down and with great disappointment, she continue refreshing for hope.

The website came alive again and after more spams and fumbling, she finally got two CAT 1 tickets to Jay Chou’s Taiwan concert! This is the moment! So now she got to wait for the arrival of the tickets to her house, praying all goes well.

A happy girl. A happy ending. 🙂

Hopefully all goes well and everything will go as planned! 😉

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  1. Hi Katherine! It’s my first time visiting your blog. 🙂 Thanks for writing so wonderfully about me! I had a really good time getting to know the both of you during your trip, even though it was for just a short while. I am sure we will get to know each other more during our pre-wedding session! 🙂 Thanks for everything!

  2. Hi Grace! Thanks for visiting my blog. Hehez.
    You’re great that’s why I write wonderful things ’bout you. 😛

    I’m sure we will enjoy the pre-wedding trip together! Can’t wait! 🙂

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