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Posted on Jan 14, 2009 by in Portraits | 0 comments

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With self portrait.

You must be thinking what’s there to experiment with self portrait. Isn’t it just about holding the camera in front of you and clicking the button to take the shoot? Is it that difficult?

Well, her hands are not that strong for a DSLR. And focusing is a problem with the lens. So yesh. Self portrait using a DSLR with lighting is not easy as she had just experienced.

Experiments include having the light shine directly into her face and photo coming out as if she’s entering twilight zone. Depth of field of the lens is so shallow usually it made Brownie the focus more than herself. Light shining from below and nothing to shine on the wall, making the shadow of the table appearing as her background. Light shining from below with light shining on the wall, but Brownie’s leg was so fat it blocked out light to her hands.

Nonetheless, it was fun. There should be more of such experiments.

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