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Posted on Dec 29, 2008 by in All Post, General | 0 comments

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Train passengers.

Just when there were a lot of articles talking about priority seats with people being hypnotized by people who need the seats or people became blind at that moment when someone who needs the seat stepped onto the train. Just when all these non-stop talk about how nice most of us are to needy people, a miracle happened today.

She left early from her workplace and took an earlier train. Train wasn’t crowded today. But when this person alighted from the train when the train was slightly crowded, nobody actually come forward to sit at this empty seat. Usually she wouldn’t take a seat after work since she has been sitting in her office and if she sits more she will have a fat ass soon. But anyway, it was a miracle happening right in front of her.

The usual situation will be this –
Someone gets ready to alight. Somebody (or many bodies) will be aiming for this seat since their sense of empty seats is quite good. That someone alights. Somebody and all bodies will usually try to make a move for the seat until someone became the master of the seat.

Today was totally a miracle. People boarded the train and all preferred to stand than to take that seat. Not like it’s cursed or something. There’s even a cute guy taking the other seat (though she didn’t really saw his face!) who was so sound asleep that he kind of leaned too much to the empty seat and nearly knocked himself against the empty space.

This is such an abnormal situation. This group of passengers are extraordinary. If only everyone does that, she thinks the excessive amount of reports of those ordinary passengers will just stop appearing.

Then another miracle happens. She was actually kind of waiting for him to alight so she can catch a glimpse of whether he’s cute so as to blog more here. But what a gentleman! He was actually waiting for those standing to walk over to the door first before standing up and proceed to the door. Of course there was the usual Great Wall of MRT who tumbled into the doors like an earthquake just shook them loose. So this cute guy was behind her all along and sadly she can’t see his face. Even when taking the escalator, he was still behind her.

So that ends an extraordinary day for her. Curse of the empty seat with the cute guy beside. She should have just took that seat and let him lean towards her. Ha!

-she is obviously a bit insane now due to having too long a period not seeing any cute guys-

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