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Posted on Oct 27, 2008 by in Dolls + Figurines | 0 comments

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Not hair gel.

A new term that she learnt from her shifu of photography. She told her shifu of the idea she got from blackmage9 on the use of colored plastic around the lamp to achieve various kind of color for the lighting. So this idea is actually known as gel-ing. You just learnt a new term from her! 🙂

So she tried it out yesterday with her brother’s figurines, who by the way is all the way in Aussie enjoying no phone and little compensation for the fire that burnt their camp. Waiting for him to come back to Singapore tomorrow to hear more of his complaints.

So she took some photos of his figurines using green gel. Was a good experience but now she’s thinking of how to actually shine the lamp through the color effectively if she has different colored plastic.

Photography is fun even if photos taken are not fantastic. The process of setting up, photo taking and editing the photos is the great fun about it.

She’s loving it.

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