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Hanging on.

Posted on Aug 21, 2008 by in All Post, General | 0 comments

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Public transport.

Public transport is great. It’s cheap. Usually gets this girl home fast. And since it’s the MRT, unless there are some problems with the tracks and what-nots, there are usually no delays.

Public transport also gives this girl an adventure whenever she travels on board the MRT as she got to squeeze with all kinds of people. That’s not just it! SMRT was also kind enough to come up with a new design that allows more standing space and more spacious seats. They even designed the trains in such a way that people can do more balancing acts!

With the new design, people can do more balancing acts as there is just lesser and lesser of poles and handles to grab on to. And there are always people with Claustrophobia, who prefers to stay where they are instead of shifting in to spaces to make way for others to stand. There are also people with their spineless body who needs to lean onto the pole to stop maybe three to four people from hanging on. There are also people who has urge to enrich themselves on the train and hence needs space for their papers of knowledge to occupy spaces where one to two people can stand.

Of ‘cos these are not the only interesting things of travelling on the MRT. There is this other attractive factor. The fast moving train moving on the sexy curvy track. The trains never failed to move at a higher speed whenever it is travelling on such tracks and hence when people who do not have anything to hang on, will either try to balance well by moving backwards with a possibility of stepping on someone else’s toes or they have to just grab anything around lest they grab some other people which is so embarrassing.

All of the above made travelling such a nice experience. To be able to see all kinds of acts by just travelling on the MRT is really an eye-opener. Thanks for the new MRT design.

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