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Posted on Sep 21, 2008 by in All Post, General | 0 comments

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What she might have used to love.

After course on Friday, this girl went back to office with her colleague.

The bad news came after lunch and nearing the time to leave the office.

What her colleague has been complaining for the past 1 month or so and more has finally become her problem.

Her colleague was telling her lead on the issues with implementation and blah, and the discussion actually came to a final conclusion of the possibility of using Java Applet to do the program. Since she is the Java programmer of the team, this task will naturally become hers. Which means she will have to implement someone else’s idea. It’s equivalent to the writer of a novel but the novel’s idea was the writer’s. So what happens if shit happens? Is she supposed to be responsible for the idea or what.

This girl doesn’t know if she should be angry with her colleague or not, since this is work afterall. What more can she say? Her colleague did apologize but seriously when she thinks about it, what’s the point of apologizing anyway. Sighz.

The problem isn’t with having to learn a damn language that she have not used before (it is after all APPLET) but the problem lies in the DEADline. It’s in two months’ time. And the proposal suggested by her colleague has yet to be approved yet. They are going to have a meeting about the design again. And does it mean she has to go too since she has no FUCKING idea as to how to implement now? Like she has one more FUCKING program to code and she only has two FUCKING months to finish them, including the testing and test scripts she has to come up with?

It is always as if her colleague and her are super programmers. It is always as if they can finish everything in a FUCKING short period.

She feels like quitting right at that point. She FUCKING hates what she is doing now. The thing about increasing her skillset in her resume was all a fake illusion to make her think that she can do what she’s doing. In fact, she FUCKING hates everything now.

And she doesn’t care that this is a FUCKING public post.

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