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Posted on Nov 15, 2012 by in All Post, Food | 0 comments

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I finally have time to hone my cooking skills today! To be exact, is to let me practise as I work towards becoming a housewife, or some say taitai, soon! (●´∀`●)

Well since Feng has to work late today, I decided that I should probably be a good wife and prepare a nice (quote: simple) dinner for my husband to enjoy when he’s back from a long day of hard work! So decided to cook one of the simplest dish that I have learnt from my mum (and also probably one of my favourite dishes). Following the written recipe I had in my recipe file, I ventured into my cooking journey.

Tofu? Check.
Minced Pork? Check.
Garlic? Check.
Oil? Check!

So with the above simple ingredients, I started with the simplest step, that is to cut and “marinate” the tofu by rubbing some salt on them before putting them aside for 10-15 minutes while allowing water to be drained from the tofu. While waiting, I proceeded to heat up the garlic and the minced pork.

Fortune Tofu

When the garlic and minced pork were done, I poured them out into a small bowl and leave it aside while proceeding to drain off the oil and wipe clean the pan for my tofu.

While STILL waiting for the tofu to be ready for frying, I heat up the oven for some CP Mexican Wings.

And finally it was time for the tofu to go into the pan! Honestly I hate handling tofu ‘cos it is so fragile and breaks apart so easily with a soft touch! So with much care, I put every single tofu cubes into the pan. And to the most worrying part: pouring of a lot of oil into the pan. And I really meant A LOT in order to achieve the look that my mum had. Looking at that much oil in the pan sure feels unhealthy but it was all worth it! (●´∀`●)

So my written instructions said fry in low heat. And there I was frying the tofu in low heat and it seems like forever before one side of the tofu actually look SLIGHTLY decent.  (´・_・`)

That’s when I decided I should just increase to medium heat ‘cos it honestly is taking forever for my tofu to turn decent! And ewww to bubbling oil. Haha! Oops. (-_-)ゞ゛

And thank goodness after turning it up to medium heat, the tofu decided to turn into a more satisfactory color! And just a while more they are ready for the next step! 😀

Minced meat, garlic and frying tofu

So after draining ALL the oil, I put back all the tofu, the minced meat and garlic! Poured in some amount of water (~150ml) and some corn flour to thicken the gravy and my tofu dish was done! Nice and yummy and waiting for Feng to come back home to enjoy!

While waiting, I also prepared the soup to complete the simple meal. Am so happy to complete a simple meal! More chances in future to try different dishes! Yippee!

So here’s presenting to you my simple tofu dish! O(≧∇≦)O

Tofu Experience!

Amount spent on tofu dish:
Tofu – S$0.90
Minced Meat – Free from Mummy
Garlic – Available at home!

Such an affordable dish eh? d=(´▽`)=b

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