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I Am ONE Year OLDER!, The Klapsons Edition

Posted on Nov 8, 2010 by in Travel, Wedding | 0 comments

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7th Of November. I always remind people of my birthday by singing the 7-11 tune, “7-11, it’s a store and more!” It is simply the easiest and the fastest way to tell people that’s my birthday but I wonder how many remembers them truthfully. 🙂

With the increase usage of Facebook, I’m sure many are now reminded of another’s birthday through the reminder in Facebook. But how many of us actually remembers our friends’ birthday through memory anymore? I wonder. With convenience, comes some forgetfulness I supposed. Not that I’m complaining since I’m one of them. But I for one wouldn’t forget the birthdays of my best buddies. 🙂

So how did I spend my birthday? It was really just another relaxing Sunday. Feng knew that I hate having any activities on Sunday since it means I will have a short period to rest before the dreadful Monday. So we had my birthday celebration one day before, on a Saturday.

Pre-Birthday Celebration

We had lunch at Lucas at Klapsons. Klapsons is one of the the many boutique hotels in Singapore that Feng and I can’t wait to visit. But since we are saving up for our trip, we decided to just make a trip down to Klapsons’ restaurant to have our lunch. Even though Klapsons is located in the CBD, we would never imagine the hotel AND the restaurant itself to be so quiet. There is no guests in the lobby and needless to say, we were their only guests in the restaurant.

Lucas @ Klapsons

So we were guided into our cozy area and made our lunch choices. I must say it was a bit weird to have everyone’s attention on you, especially when it’s Singapore when we can hardly find a restaurant this quiet. The service was great and the food was rather interesting. Feng had Irish Coffee and Pan-Fried Chicken Fillet while I had their Kiwi Passiontea Iced Tea and their Lobster Risotto. We both had their Portobello Bisque.

Lucas @ Klapsons

Overall, I think we are both happy with their food. The Kiwi Passiontea Iced Tea was exceptionally interesting in their presentation as the Kiwi extract and Iced Tea was presented in a separate small container while the glass contains ice-cubes of tea. Nice. 🙂

Lucas @ Klapsons

The taste of the Portobello Bisque was just nice as you taste the mushroom and it’s not the typical thick and creamy soup you will find out there.

The Lobster Risotto was not bad and having tried risotto back in Taiwan, this beats the one in Taiwan. The risotto was cooked to a nice level that is not too soft and not too hard, what I like of my rice. The lobster was fresh to the bite.

Lucas @ Klapsons

The Pan-Fried Chicken Fillet was tender and tasty. It was not dry as you would expect from chicken breast and so it taste really juicy once you bite into it. 🙂

Lucas @ Klapsons

So after enjoying our food, drinks and some chit chatting, we decided to head off to our next destination. The Marina Bay Sands.

To be continued…

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