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Japan Airport Limousine

Posted on Jan 16, 2013 by in All Post, Japan, Photography, Tokyo | 0 comments

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One thing’s for sure. I’m starting to clear my backlog!!! Starting from our honeymoon in November 2011. ♪ ♬ ヾ(´︶`♡)ノ ♬ ♪

The day we arrived in Japan, we were already being confused by the dark-looking sky outside, making us think that it was already really late at night. But in actual fact? It was still early in the evening since we are taking the 7:05PM airport limousine to our hotel.

Before we talk more about the airport limousine at Narita Airport (成田空港), let’s talk a bit about our first experience with taking an airport transport. The first time we took an airport transport to a hotel was back in 2008 in Taiwan. It was called Freego (飞狗巴士), which we took at Taiwan’s Taoyuan Airport (桃园机场). Taking Freego was almost too ridiculous to be honest. The queue system wasn’t superb and the wait was so long for one bus that goes to our hotel. Even after waiting, each bus was almost full since it probably came from other terminals and another airport by the time it reached our stop. So we waited SUPER DAMN LONG before we were able to board the bus. The most ridiculous part was not this. It was the fact that we had to carry our luggage down and then board another bus which takes us NEARER to our hotel. And I thought it will be convenient. Disappointment. And also because we lived in Ximending (西门町), vehicles can’t enter during a certain time, let alone a BUS. So we got to drag our luggage all the way to our hotel. So first experience? BAD. So bad that now we no longer take Freego, which not only was inconvenient but also wasted hours of our time queuing.

Since we all know that taking cabs in Japan is kind of like a big no-no considering how expensive they are, airport limousine was one way out (besides taking the Narita Express which was less convenient). I was kind of worried back then when I realised taking the airport limousine was kind of like the only way out for us, considering it says on its website that it stops outside the hotel we are staying (and this time I was praying that it really does!).

So after alighting from our flight and picking up our luggages, we proceeded to the airport limousine counter to get our tickets. We just have to tell the staff where we are going and then they will proceed to print us the tickets after telling us which bus stop number to go to. (ت)

Airport Limousine Bus Tickets

So tadah! Here’s what the stops at Narita Airport looks like for the airport limousine. Upon arriving at the bus stop, we were actually kind of confused about the whole queuing system as we didn’t really know when to start queuing since it was not time for us to take the bus yet. After observing what the Japanese were doing, we kind of get the queuing system. It was really quite systematic where the first queue will be the next bus while there is a second queue behind this queue. This second queue is for the subsequent bus. No worries as the service staff will announce when to start queuing and there is the LED board to show you where the next bus will be going so you wouldn’t miss out the information but still can be a bit confusing at the start. Haha! (ت)

Narita Airport's Airport Limousine 成田空港、東京

The whole process was fuss-free and throughout the whole journey we were setting up our rented iPhone (more on this on a later blog entry) so we were sleeping or anything. Just busy downloading loads of crap into the phone so that we can start using it. Haha! Honestly it was still so early in the evening but probably due to the darken sky, I was simply always getting really tired when I was in Japan. Wonder why… Haha!

Anyway we were really really really happy when the airport limousine started to enter Shinjuku (新宿) with all the bring lights, crowd and shopping! Before every stop, the airport limousine will announcements made to inform of the passengers of the upcoming stop. No worries about not understand Japanese since they have it in English language too. (ت)

So we were really glad when our hotel came up and the airport limousine stopped right outside our hotel entrance!!! The driver will also alight from the airport limousine to help us unload our luggage. Great service and fuss-free. Highly recommend everyone to use Japan’s airport limousine if you ever travel to Japan! This is nothing like what we experienced with Freego and I honestly think Freego should learn from them though to be fair to them, maybe they did improved considering we took Freego back in 2008 and never went back to it again. (ت)

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