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Japanese Language Learning

Posted on Jan 8, 2013 by in All Post, General, Photography | 0 comments

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Last year, I started studying Japanese language at Bunka Language School.

And since then I have been with Bunka from Elementary 1 – 3 and I totally enjoyed all the lessons I had with Namba-sensei and Nakaya-sensei, of which I had been a student of Nakaya-sensei for E2 and E3. Both of them are really great sensei~! Hope I will be able to catch Nakaya-sensei’s class again for the Intermediate lessons in future ‘cos I truely loved her lessons! (*´˘`*)♡

So last week I finally have my final test for my Elementary 3 class. Elementary lessons consists of 3 parts and each has their own final test in which the final test of Elementary 3 is made up of Oral, Listening and Written tests.

We had a mock test the week before and I really think that the real test was tougher for the written part! Oral test was okie except for one part where I was having a guess ‘cos I didn’t remember to study that. Oops. Listening test was fine but a challenge, especially on that day when I was slightly spacing out for no reason. Haha! The written test was slightly tougher for one section but am I glad all was over. Got my results through SMS the next day from Bunka and am so glad of my passing results!

On to Intermediate level after I get myself a job~! I will definitely study hard but as for how far I can go with Bunka, I have no idea. (ت)♪

Bunka Language School Japanese Language Learning

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