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Last Day of 2010.

Posted on Dec 31, 2010 by in General | 1 comment

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Today marks the last day of 2010 and guess I should also do my part to sum up my 2010.

Probably the happiest thing that happened in 2010 was of ‘cos Feng and my solemnization! The fun and tiredness from doing all the DIY work from the invitation card to the solemnization favors was really memorable. The most unforgettable moment was when we were panicking when our solemnizer was not here when the clock was ticking towards the time of solemnization! Lucky for us, everything went well and Feng and I were pronounced Husband and Wife! *grinz*

Besides that, another happy moment was to be able to visit Taiwan Arena and see my favourite idol, Jay Chou, in action! A 1-meter distance away from me and I can touch him. Haha! It was great fun to watch the concert with Feng and of ‘cos him finding it amusing of my excitement, jumping and screaming. 🙂

Of ‘cos 2010 has its fair share of some unhappiness which happened mostly at work. Sometimes there is no fairness in work and I do get upset easily mainly ‘cos I tend to be too emotional. But that being said, I was really happy to be able to know my colleagues better. They are one great bunch of colleagues to hang out with and there is always laughter. Can’t imagine when it’s time for some of us to separate next year. Sighz.

As we welcome 2011, Feng and I are looking forward to our new house which will most probably be completed in April 2011! Not forgetting the preparation for our wedding in October 2011! Time to send out the reminders to our lovely helpers! Busy year to come but still there should be some resolutions made. So here goes. 🙂

  1. To get toned up for the wedding.
  2. To not anyhow spend money.
  3. To work hard and gain more knowledge in my workplace.
  4. To spend even more time with my family.
  5. To enjoy every moment I have with everyone.

Hardly made any New Year resolution before so here is but a short list. Hehez.

So let’s count down to the end of 2010 and welcome a brand new 2011 with new hopes and dreams!

Happy New Year, Everyone! 😀

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1 Comment

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