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Posted on Nov 17, 2008 by in General | 0 comments

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After the birthday.

This girl is doing well but getting sick too often nowadays.

Her birthday has been great though. Thanks to all her sweet colleagues, friends, families and darling. 🙂

Day before she went for her short weekend getaway + birthday trip (also the week when she was super mega sick and given 2 days of MC), her colleagues celebrated her birthday with her. Thought it was going to be a normal dinner out and wasn’t expecting any surprises since surprises have always failed as much as anyone in the clique knows. 🙂

So she came into office late ‘cos she had a giddy spell in the morning. Lab-mate bought a bottle of drink for her for her lost voice. So once she left for the washroom and came back with a ‘cake’ on the her table. Everyone came into the lab and sang a birthday song for her. -touched- Then she attempted to cut the very tough ‘cake’ which turned out to be a candle! Ha!

Then in came the real cake and they sang a birthday song for her again. This time she was supposed to cut into six pieces. BUT! It looks inedible. o.O Then came the surprise prezzie for her! Not expecting them to actually buy anything for her so this was a surprise really. And out came the Ryuk figurine from the wrapped prezzie! It’s one of the two figurines she yearned to buy. 🙂 Really sweet of them.

Then her sickness actually got worst at the end of the day but not wanting to be too much a spoilsport, she went ahead to the restaurant and enjoyed the dinner with the Newbie gang. THEN! Suddenly! A birthday song was playing and this was the second unexpected surprise of the day. Ha! She was busy talking to someone when the song came up. Not noticing the song was for her until she realised the cake was coming and everyone was singing for her. -touched- Then! Came the second surprise prezzie! My my. This Newbie gang is getting better with lying. 😛 And it’s dear Misa figurine! So she now have the two figurines she wants! 🙂

She wants to thank the Newbie gang for the great celebration. No one has given her such an elaborate surprise until that day. So she really am very touched. 🙂

But once she got home, her sickness really get to her. Temperature is nearly 40 Degree Celsius and she’s worries about the trip tomorrow. Thank goodness she was better the next day and able to enjoy the trip she was looking forward to as her birthday trip. 🙂

Langkawi was great. Being able to hang out at such a relaxing place with her darling is great too. Have to thank him for having to take care of the sick her during the whole trip. 🙂

So yesterday she had a belated birthday treat for her friends at her place by having a BBQ session! Failed to set-up a fire and BBQ much at the start didn’t dampen their spirit. They had fun and everyone was happy after the whole session with great food and fire at the end and a very full stomach with a birthday cake. Being able to celebrate one’s birthday with friends and family is great. -touched-

She had a great birthday. Thanks to everyone!

Misa and Ryuk

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