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Lunch at Aoki

Posted on Jan 16, 2013 by in All Post, Food | 0 comments

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先週の土曜日に主人と青木で食べました。青木が Shaw Centre に在ります。青木は二回へ行きました。


私達は青木へ絶対再度いきます~!♪ ♬ ヾ(´︶`♡)ノ ♬ ♪


Last Saturday, Feng and I went to Aoki at Shaw Centre again! This is the second time we were there since the first time we visited it last year for my birthday. 🙂

The first time we were seated at the counter seats facing the chefs as we watched them preparing our yummy food. In respect of the chefs seeing us enjoying the food once they were served, I didn’t want to start taking out my camera to snap photos of them. So this time, I asked Feng to reserve the booth seats so that we can take photos of the food without feeling guilty of not eating them immediately once served. Haha! (*´`)

Lunch at Aoki 青木

The first time when we were there, we ordered the same set – Nigri Sushi Tokusen (握り寿司特選) which consists of nine types of sushi and one sushi roll served with salad, chawan mushi (茶碗蒸し), miso soup and dessert. Boy were we damn full after eating that whole set! But it sure was damn fulfilling back then. *happy shan on her birthday last year*

So this time we decided to try to order something different. Try I said ‘cos I decided to order the Nigri Sushi Jyo-Sen (握り寿司上選) which was something like the Nigri Sushi Tokusen but with seven types of sushi instead of nine and minus the chawan mushi. Haha! Oops. I just freaking love their food~! (´∀`*)

Feng decided to order Mazechirashi (まぜちらし), which was my alternative order and which consists of sushi rice topped with sashimi served with miso soup, pickles and dessert.

So while we were waiting for our order, we were being served our appetiser. Appetiser indeed ‘cos we felt even hungrier after eating it. Haha! Feng was complaining away about his growling stomach. ت

Appetiser at Aoki 青木

So once we finished our appetiser, our first dish was served. Salad! ت

Salad at Aoki 青木

And after some photo-taking and waiting, our main dish was finally here after much waiting~! Yummy yummy food to come! Hold your saliva! ت

Here’s Feng’s order, Mazechirashi (まぜちらし) with pickles.

Mazechirashi at Aoki 青木のまぜちらし

And here’s my order, Nigri Sushi Jyo-Sen (握り寿司上選)~!

Nigri Sushi Jyo-Sen at Aoki 青木の握り寿司上選

Another thing I love about Aoki is what they served after our meal and before our dessert. Since both times we had ordered the set, am not very sure if this practice is the norm if you eat from their ala-carte menu. After clearing our dishes, we were being served Houjicha (ほうじ茶) while waiting for our dessert. I love how it helps to clear the taste of the main dish before having our dessert as opposed to drinking the green tea which was served once we were seated. Let’s just say I love houjicha anytime anywhere. Haha! ت

So here’s presenting our yummy dessert~!

Lunch at Aoki

The last time we came, we were also presented with three types of dessert on our dish. The person serving us will also let us know what each of the items was before we start eating. This time we had Macha Ice-Cream (抹茶アイスクリーム), Sesame Pudding (ごまプリン) and Plum Jelly (梅ゼリー) if I never remember wrongly. Hehe. So we had something bitter and cold, something heavy and something light for our dessert. Their dessert was super nice too~!

I will highly recommend Aoki as your choice of Japanese dining if you have to bring someone somewhere for celebration. But do note that going to Aoki is strictly on reservation as they were mostly and always fully booked. A lot of customers were rejected at the door as they came without reservation and most will make a reservation during then for next week or so to eat at Aoki. If you notice from their website, their lunch is from 12PM to 3PM but in actual fact they have two seatings which you will be informed of when you call for reservation. That means the first seating is from 12PM – 1.20PM and the next from 1.30PM – 3PM. So it isn’t really a place to hang out for a long period of time if you intend to do so. Hehe. So do take note then! (ゝ。∂)

Can’t wait for our next visit to Aoki again! (ゝω・´★)

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