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More Unlucky Updates.

Posted on Oct 26, 2010 by in All Post, General | 0 comments

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Must be really down on luck! Sighz.

This morning decided to left my house early since my foot is still sore from yesterday’s near fall. The ankle area just feels stiff. 🙁

So I managed to got on the earlier train and CRAP. This is when the bad luck began. It seems like the train in front of the one I was in has been stalled or something. It kind of blocked all the train behind it to stop and move at a really slow speed.

When I got to Jurong East, I was already 10 minutes later than normal! Haiz. Talk about being earlier and I ended up even later! And I had to stand on the train for an additional 10 minutes ‘cos the train I got on was rather full. Double sigh. Upon alighting at my destination, I was not able to get on the bus to office ‘cos it was freaking full. 🙁

So in the end I got to the office later than usual with a limp to my foot. CRAPPY DAY.

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