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New Geek on the Block.

Posted on Oct 5, 2008 by in General | 2 comments

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Since when?!

One fine day, she went over to stay at the boyfriend’s house through the weekend, as always. Since she was still sick then, the boyfriend suggested she can just rest or play with his new game while he finished back-up of his old PC.

In case you didn’t know, the boyfriend and her has each just gotten a new PC! The specs is as below:

Intel Core 2 E8400 Processor
ASUS P5Q SE Motherboard
Kingston 2GB PC 800 RAM x 2
Samsung 500GB SATA2 HDD
Sapphire HD4850 512MB Graphics Card
ASUS 550W Power Supply
Windows XP Home

All for a whopping 1229 bucks! Discount all thanks to the boyfriend’s brother who is a friend of the friendly guy at the shop. 🙂

New monitor will most probably be purchased during the end of the year since pricing of the monitors have dropped. 🙂

So with a very powerful PC and a great graphics card, the boyfriend bought a game that he has been waiting and researching for quite some time. She played it and she can’t stop! It’s so addictive!

So now, both of them have officially became new geeks on the block. They have been gaming on Friday night, throughout the whole of Saturday and Sunday (with sleep and rest of cos!).

Imagine life in future, both of them will just be stoned in front of their PC playing MMORPG or LAN gaming. Ha!


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  1. HELLO!! haha hope uve been doing fine! 🙂 [im kinda hooked on dota tho i suck at it =/]

    *bloghopping around fr supergirl’s blog*

  2. Thanks for hopping by! 😛 Doing really well, hope you’re doing as fine too! Miss spreeing with you. Hehez. 😛

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