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Piggeeks Food Adventure

Posted on Feb 26, 2012 by in All Post, Food | 0 comments

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Since after wedding, we have been having a bit more time during our weekends for ourselves.

Today, after visiting The Shophouse, to FINALLY order our bedside table, we headed over to Old Airport Road to get our hands on the now popular 老伴豆花 (Lao Ban Beancurd). And we sure had a hard time trying to decide what to eat considering the wide array of food available for us to choose from. 🙂

The queue at 老伴豆花 was as expected. LONG. Hahaha! It wasn’t tough to find it at all considering how long the queue was. But I have to say it’s pretty amazing to see people buying so many bowls of beancurd. It’s like the first time I see people buying a BIG BOX of beancurd and carry them away like that. o.O

Not long after and it was our turn. I didn’t really took note of how long I queue but definitely below 20 minutes as compared to what some people said 30-45 minutes on a weekend. 🙂

So after ordering our food, we sat down and try our first taste test for 老伴豆花. We are obviously no beancurd expert nor are we fans of beancurd so our views are probably really generic. Hehez.

The sweetness of 老伴豆花 was just nice for us and it has quite a thick consistency. It’s really smooth and all and I must say it’s really filling. Hahaha! I have yet to try other beancurd out there selling in the same format so I can’t really do much comparison with anything else. Bad food critic, I am. Hahaha! But the beancurd is really quite nice but not to the level that I MUST have it no matter what. 🙂

Hopefully Feng and I can have more adventures next time! Our weekends are so fully booked now. Boohoo. 😐

Old Airport Road Adventure

Oh. And am proud to say all photos are taken with my Samsung Galaxy S2, edited on my Adobe Lightroom. 🙂

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