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Piggeeks QOOL Staycation~

Posted on Oct 22, 2012 by in All Post, Photography, Singapore, Staycation | 0 comments

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Been a really long time since I last updated this blog. So sorry for the long period of hiatus. Mainly have been too *erhm* busy (with Guild Wars 2) and well probably just too lazy in a way to edit any of my photos. Oops. 🙂

So here’s to share some photos from our weekend staycation at Quincy Hotel. All photos hot off the camera! I promised I will try to update more often with my backlogs. Still quite some (a lot) of photos from my few trips last year and this year. Oops. 🙂

So Happy Customary Wedding Anniversary to my hubby, Feng! Can’t believe it has been one year since our busy and crazy wedding preparations and THE WEDDING itself. I HAVE to say this but Time really Flies. And unknowingly 2012 is coming to an end soon. Am always amazed with how time can pass so fast (that I don’t even have time to edit ALL my photos. Haha!).

Less talk and more photos! Here goes them! 🙂

Our room key-card~ Super ♥ hotels that have the card-tapping system for the rooms as compared to the traditional card-slotting mechanism just ‘cos card tapping just works so much better!

Light switch and hotel card slot at Quincy Hotel Singapore

An overall view of our room! Lovely room size for a reasonable price. It’s honestly hard to come by a reasonable room-size for most hotel rooms at a similar price. Guess we have the same problem Japan. Less space at an expensive price. Well, at least I do think hotel rooms in Singapore are probably slightly bigger than some of those in Tokyo.

Bedroom view of Quincy Hotel Singapore in the afternoon

Our yummylicious bed! We had a good sleep on it. Fluffy pillows. Fluffy quilt cover. Nice mattress. Nice sleep. See that panel of “mirror” to the right of the bed? Well… It’s not exactly a mirror… We shall see… 🙂

View of the bed at Quincy Hotel Singapore

Room comes with a lovely bathroom fully furnished with all the basic bathroom amenities you might need.

Bathroom at Quincy Hotel Singapore

And here’s what’s behind the panel of “mirror”! A lovely bathtub looking out into the room. Hehez.
Good for couples to have a peek-a-boo with each other. Good for singles to enjoy the TV out there while enjoying the bath. 🙂

Lovely bathtub at Quincy Hotel Singapore

Molten Brown bathroom amenities. Everything to make you smell nice.

Molten Brown bathroom amenities at Quincy Hotel Singapore
Things that I always have doubts using for every hotel room we stayed in have to be the shampoo and conditioner. Sometimes it can be too drying and honestly when conditioner doesn’t condition your hair to feel smooth, they shouldn’t be called CONDITIONER. The shampoo and conditioner from Molten Brown actually works quite well for my long hair. PASS! 😀

Here’s our wardrobe with everything you need too!
From shoe shine to slippers to bathrobe. I super ♥ the bathrobe here ‘cos it’s probably one of the few bathrobes I have used that actually fits me without me feeling like I am wearing a giant’s robe. And it also looks quite pretty! Hehez.

Wardrobe items at Quincy Hotel Singapore
One thing not really pleasant was the hair-dryer, another item I always find to have failed me time and another in many hotels. Most hotels have hair-dryers attached in the bathroom itself which were just too tiring to use since I have to keep pressing on button to actually get it started. And having to lift my arm at a constant height ain’t helping. My arm just gets tired after a while and my hair was not even near the DRY STATE. Quincy Hotel’s hair-dryer is not in the bathroom. It’s portable. I was like yay until I started using it. I can smell something funny when I used it and I can actually see the heated element within the hair-dryer! *horror* I don’t even dare to place it near my hair and after switching between very hot to hot to cold and back to very hot… It stopped working. -.-

I swear I’m so gonna get my own portable hair dryer and bring it along with me next time! Anyway until now the best hair-dryer I have seen until now has got to be the hotel room we had at Shinjuku even though the room and bathroom was small, it actually has the best hairdryer I have seen till date! AMAZING. 😀

Everything QUINCY-branded! 🙂

Quincy-branded items

Mysterious-looking item with a hidden TV remote-control! Lovely little touch. 🙂

Lovely red leather containing the TV remove control and menu

Complimentary wine for our night’s stay.

Sendero complimentary red wine at Quincy Hotel Singapore

Our most-travelled mascots, GG and BB!

BB and GG, our most well-travelled soft toys

And here’s a photo of us. 🙂

Piggeeks at Quincy Hotel Singapore for our wedding anniversary

To end it off, I will just like to summarise our stay with Quincy Hotel.
I do have to say I generally enjoyed my stay with Quincy Hotel. Everything was great including the full-board meals and free mini-bar included. It’s a lovely room with a nice bathroom that includes (a rare) bathtub and rain-shower. Basic bathroom amenities from Quincy Hotel was sufficient and not forgetting the nice-smelling Molten Brown items. Just some small little quirks such as the (dangerous) hair-dryer and also to note the REALLY COLD room. We had no luck at adjusting the room-temperature and the temperature was maintained at 21 degrees C. *freezes*
Besides all those, staffs around the hotel have been really friendly and lovely. No complaints or anything.

There is one thing we noticed ’bout the hotel. Majority of the guests are male. Either male individuals or male couples (which means 2 of them, which I have no idea their relationship). Probably because Quincy Hotel is part business hotel? Not sure but at least that’s what we observed during dinner! We saw more females in the daytime. Hehez.

Okie, time to end this post and pray hope I have my next one up soon (*should reduce my gaming time with Guild Wars 2*). Tadah!

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