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Posted on Oct 24, 2008 by in General | 0 comments

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Ongoing since yesterday morning.

Had a team building with the company she was outsourced to today. It was fun to be in the same team as the colleagues she hang out with everyday. Sadly for the rain, organisers had to execute the wet weather programme instead. The original plan should be much more fun since outdoor programmes are always better isn’t it?

So they played in the drizzle around City Hall and they even got to visit the Asian Civilisation Museum (which she has never ever went before). Interesting place but it was so dark it was hard to read and finished the task they had. And not forgetting the dark environment reminds her of the Chinatown Heritage Centre which XJ and her went during their 1st year of University life for their Singapore Studies and which kind of freaked both of them out during then. Those were the funny moments of University life.

Eventually finished their task and they headed back to their lunch point as the 2nd last team for their Pizza Hut lunch. And then surprisingly, their team got second! So she got 10 bucks worth of NTUC voucher. Funny but still interesting.

The rain might have been raining for almost the whole of the team building day, but with such a fun group, it was memorable.

The rain has stopped now. Why didn’t it stop earlier?

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