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Same Name.

Posted on Aug 12, 2008 by in All Post, General | 0 comments

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The problem of two person with the same name.

Some time back, this girl got a call from HR. HR told her she has an interview the next day with this specific project manager. She was amazed ‘cos she obviously is working under another project now, so how is it possible she is handling two projects? So HR told her to check her email for details after she replied with shock to the HR’s reminder.

So this girl checked her email and realised there wasn’t any email mentioning an interview. Then it strike her that there seemed to be another girl with the same name that she had heard of before. So then she called HR. Bingo! It really was that girl who was supposed to have the interview not this girl. What a mix-up.

Then yesterday someone new came to the office and was waiting in the sofa area. So then this girl arrived and her colleague told her that guy was looking for her.

So this girl was kind of surprised that guy was looking for her since she doesn’t even know him. And she even thought he was some project’s user. So then she approached him and upon asking, he said he was looking for this specific project manager. Then it strike her again who he was actually looking for. It was the other girl with the same name.

Next time if anyone of you is looking for this girl or that girl, please attach the surname too. This girl don’t even mind people calling her by her email userid anymore ‘cos it’s so unique. Goodness.

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