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Sapporo One Day Tour

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Back to blog more about the backlog of my Japan trip again! Honestly the memory of the whole trip is fading fast from my memory even though I totally enjoyed the whole trip in Japan! Luckily the photos helped in jotting back some memory though mostly I have to depend on Feng’s blog and the various websites that we booked our trip from to remember most of the details of our whole trip. (´~`ก;)

So the next day after we reached Sapporo (札幌), we had our one-day trip that we have booked from Hokkaido Experience~! The whole emailing experience was pretty easy since they have English-speaking tour guides replying to our email so no fear in having to book a day tour with them! ♪ ♬ ヾ(´︶`♡)ノ ♬ ♪

Since this was our first time in Hokkaido (北海道), we decided to take part in a one day tour in Sapporo that brings us to all the major sightseeing spots in Sapporo. Here’s the one-day tour program details from Hokkaido Experience that briefly explains our itinerary for the day. For our Sapporo day-tour, our tour guide for the day was Hiromi Makino-san~! Since we were staying in Sapporo, Hiromi-san came over to our hotel and met us at the hotel lobby. Before heading off, she gave us a brief run-through of where and what were were going to do for the day.

For our 8-hour one-day private tour, the cost of 2-person in a group cost us 28,500 yen which includes the guiding fee, taxi fares and admission fees to the various sightseeing locations we will be visiting. Any other expenses are of ‘cos, self-paid. Since we are having a tour of Sapporo, we started the trip mainly walking from one place to another since many of these sightseeing places are pretty near to each other. And thank goodness to having great weather, walking around Sapporo was made easier. (❁´◡`❁)*✲゚*

First up, we made a trip to the Former Hokkaido Government Office. Going into the building, Hiromi-san explains to us the purpose of the building and walked us through the various items we saw around the building. I seriously ♥ this place ‘cos it was one of the places I got to see the lovely red leaves!

Former Hokkaido Government Office Sapporo

Then we walked down to the Sapporo Clock Tower (札幌時計台). During our walk-about, we got to chit chat with Hiromi-san about anything we can think of, from Hokkaido to Sapporo and down to her family life. She was really friendly and I am always pretty amazed with Japanese speaking in really good English. Hehe.

Honestly I wish that office building or whatever is not beside the clock tower. It kind of spoils the beauty of the lovely structure. (*´へ`*)”

Sapporo Clock Tower 札幌時計台

Then we took a walk down to Sapporo Odori Park (大通公園). The Odori Park is famous for its Sapporo Snow Festival and Snow Miku from GoodSmile Company was even featured as a ice sculpture during one of the festival year~! After Odori Park, we walked down to Tanukikoji Arcaded Shopping Mall (札幌狸小路商店街) and Susukino (すすきの).

Then it was time for lunch! Ramen time at Tetsuya Brothers (円山 てつや)! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

Tetsuya Brothers 円山 てつや Ramen

Regaining our energy after a fulfilling lunch, we took a walk through a lovely park down to Hokkaido Shrine (北海道神宮).

Hokkaido Shrine 北海道神宮

Hokkaido Shrine 北海道神宮

Hiromi-san was explaining to us about the shrine etiquette as we were approaching the Hokkaido Shrine. At the fountain near the entrance, we are supposed to take one of the ladles provided and fill it with fresh water from the fountain and rinse both of our hands. Then we need to transfer some water into our cupped hands and use this water to rinse our mouth and spit the water beside the fountain. Then inside the shrine at the offering hall, throw a coin into the offering box in front of the hall and clapping our hands twice and bowing twice. It’s always so interesting to know about the practices of a different country and good to follow since it’s a shrine afterall, respect is expected. (´ㅂ`)

Hokkaido Shrine 北海道神宮

Inside the shrine, we spotted the structures holding the folded Omikuji (御神籤), which means sacred lot and Ema (絵馬), which are small wooden plaques with people’s wishes and prayers written on it.

Ema Hokkaido Shrine 絵馬 北海道神宮

Ema Omikuji Hokkaido Shrine 絵馬 御神籤 北海道神宮

After a walk about the Hokkaido Shrine, we took a short cab ride down to Okurayama Ski Jump Hill (大倉山ジャンプ競技場), the ski-jumping location for winter sports event.

Taking the ski-lift up can be a bit scary due to the great height that it was climbing and we were actually stopped half-way due to some tourists having a hard time getting on or something like that. Imagine “dangling” in the air for a short period. (°ロ°٥)

Okurayama Ski Jump Hill 大倉山ジャンプ競技場

But upon reaching the peak and walking a short step of stairs, we were being wow-ed by the amazing view from above, looking down at Sapporo. (*´◒`*)

Okurayama Ski Jump Hill 大倉山ジャンプ競技場

Then we took back the same cab to go down to the Ishiya Chocolate Museum where the ever famous Hokkaido product, Shiroi Koibito (白い恋人) is being made! (๑>∀<๑)+゜

Here’s looking at the production line of Shiroi Koibito! Isn’t it cool to be able to see how your food is being made? Hehe.

Shiroi Koibito 白い恋人

Shiroi Koibito 白い恋人

And how can we miss the opportunity to buy back loads of them as omiyage~! Hehe.

Shiroi Koibito 白い恋人

We totally enjoyed the whole trip with Hiromi-san as our tour guide as she provides lots of insight to all the sightseeing places that we went to and of ‘cos her English language was really good so being able to chit chat with her was a plus point to find out more about the life of a Japanese. (ت)♪

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