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Self-Portrait – Me in Green~!

Posted on Mar 4, 2013 by in Beauty + Fashion, Photography, Portraits | 0 comments

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Wedding bells are coming up for this March! So before attending every wedding, I always try to make a point to do a “trial makeup” for myself to ensure that my skills are still okie. ৭(๑´∀`๑)丿

So not wanting to let the “trial makeup” go to waste, I decided to give myself a self-portrait session today, together with a lousy hair makeover of wax and spray. I should have asked for a trimming of the fringe instead of cutting it so short! MEH.

This shot was pretty easy since the tripod was positioned just right in front of me to do a stupid big-head monster (as commented by Feng) pose. Ah. But didn’t expect myself to look so flawless in the photo. Power of natural lighting? ٩(๑´0`๑)۶

Me in Green

And here’s the tough one! I had wanted to do a top-down shot of myself but there is no way the tripod can do it and I can’t think of anyway to hang my camera above me. So well, have to make do with it by positioning the tripod nearer to the edge of the bed and finding the right place to position myself. Sadly self-portrait works in such a way that I can never find back the same pose. I had tried to get back this pose ‘cos I love this photo but dislike the fact that I cropped my left hand away. I even have to cropped part of my right hand away ‘cos I was holding my remote! *sad bunnies* 。゚(。╥﹏╥。)゚。

Me in Green

Well, that’s the two best photos I did out of the many I tried. I even tried throwing my skirt multiple times but captured nothing. And I sux at expression! It’s so tough to be a model! I salute all models out there for doing a good job in posing and expressing yourself! If anyone is interested, the dress I am wearing is the Mayflower Convertible Dress in Tiffany Mint from Smooch the Label. (*´3`)

I got to try harder the next time round~! (ت)♪

Omakase~! Here’s the last for the day before I head to the shower~! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.


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