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Sharing my ♥. :)

Posted on Feb 21, 2012 by in All Post, Food | 0 comments

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I simply ♥ otah since a long time ago.

I used to buy them from those mobile seller who sold otahs under the flat while on my way home from school. The smell of otah was just so tempting from afar that it never fails to lure me to the spot.

Then I had a bad incident with otah and had some minor food poisoning. That’s when my mum probably stopped buying otah for me. 🙁

But my ♥ for otah has never died. Remembering the time when I will always get Feng to get otahs for me whenever I went to his house as we would always alight right in front of the shop that had an otah-selling uncle there selling lovely-smelling otahs. Then the shop was sort of gone and there was no more otah. 🙁

Call me picky but not all otahs around are nice. And that’s when I found Lee Wee & Brothers otah. We first got to try it when we went to Tangs in Orchard. And that’s when I fall in love with their nice-tasting otah!!!! *grinz*

And since moving to Punggol, I have found my haven with Lee Wee & Brothers’ otah which can be found at nex! I was so happy to spot it the first time I saw it! But they don’t always have the fish otah ‘cos it’s like one of the hottest selling product there and probably all their outlets. So if you want to try, do remember to ermmm… Grab more when you do see stock for the fish otah! *winkz*

Otah ♥

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