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Something weird.

Posted on Dec 31, 2008 by in All Post, General | 0 comments

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Is going on here.

No, not the murder case. But maybe murder of birds and weird person.

Nowadays when she walks home, she always takes the middle path home. There was the mystery of the many pieces of shredded tissue papers on the path. Then it was the pile of most possibly bird feathers. And then bird carcass on the road. And today there was one she saw beside the tree!

She refuses to take the path inside the flats while walking home as long time ago when she was still a JC student she was actually followed by someone before. Luckily for her, she outsmarted the person but still it was and still is dangerous.

She doesn’t want to take the outer path as there are always irritating bicycles bells which she can’t hear as she stomps to her music. She always wishes to trip those damn bicycle riders.

So with the middle path left, she truly enjoys walking down this path be it rain or sun. But now these scary things are seen just near the path she took. Oh dear.

Then every morning there is this weird guy who is always waiting for his company transport to come. And if anyone walks past him, just anyone, he will walked over to wave or say hi or whatever. She didn’t bother as she was laughing to the radio DJs’ jokes. Now this is starting to freak her out the more she thinks. So she’s taking the middle path.

The middle path of dead birds.

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