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Strike of the Stalkers…

Posted on Jan 27, 2010 by in All Post, Dolls + Figurines, General | 0 comments

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She has four stalkers now. Namely The Staggie Stalker, The Otaku Stalker, The Ninja Stalker and The Senior Stalker.

The Staggie Stalker

He is basically some young dude in camp who had a crush on her. To make things worse, he has a loving girlfriend. Guys.

The Otaku Stalker

He is basically the guy who has an online figurine shop and she happened to buy figurines form him once. Met up for collection and he wants her to be his shop mascot. Weird.

The Senior Stalker

He is basically her university indirect senior who revived in Facebook and started talking to her again. Since revival, he attempted to start a conversation with her everytime she’s online. For goodness’ sake, just go talk to your wife!

The Ninja Stalker

He is basically the freakiest stalker. He stares instead of looks at you. He has this freaky expressionless look. He always turns back when she walks behind him, near or far. He always looks sideways when she’s beside him, near or far. And he is working in the same building as her. GET HIM OUT BEFORE HE GETS STABBED BY HER HEELS (Idea taken from Red Eye).

All the above nicknames are given by her dearest colleague who is just too lame to be named.

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