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The Big Cleanup

Posted on Mar 16, 2010 by in Dolls + Figurines | 2 comments

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Since Eva’s head is now currently in Aussie enjoying her makeover, the little ones decided to give Eva’s body a good cleanup before she comes back. The cleanup mission is of ‘cos carried out by the most mischievous little one of the lot, Konata-chan. She has also roped in the help of Minami-chan and Hiyori-chan to carry out the cleanup mission.

Konata, The Big Cleaup

Step One – Removal of PantyRemoval of Panty_1

Removal of Panty_2

Removal of Panty_3

Step One – Removal of Panty : DONE!
Removal of Panty_4

Step Two – Removal of  Body Parts
Removal of Lower Limbs_1

Removal of Lower Limbs_2

Removal of Lower Limbs_3

Removal of Lower Limbs_4

Removal of Lower Limbs_5

Removal of Lower Limbs_6

Removal of Lower Limbs_7

Removal of Upper Limbs_1

Step Two – Removal of  Body Parts : DONE!
Removal of Limbs Done

Step Three – Hot Glue Sueding [For Increase in Joint Friction]
Hot Glue Sueding

Step Four – Start Scrubbing!Scrub_1


Step Five – Re-Stringing Upper BodyRestringing_1


Step Five – Re-Stringing Upper Body : DONE!


Step Six- Re-Stringing Lower Body

Step Six- Re-Stringing Lower Body : DONE!
Cleaup Done

Cleanup Done!
End of Cleanup

In preparation to welcome Eva home and her birthday, everyone is now planning for her next surprise…

[To Be Continued…]

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  1. haha, It need strong power to jointed up a BJD 🙂
    Very cute dolls^^

  2. Hehez. Actually after trying to resting her for the first time, I realised it’s really not that tough. Though some parts I still need to use my foot to hold on to her in order to pull out the string to put back the feet. 😛

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