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The Clay Fun

Posted on Mar 19, 2010 by in Dolls + Figurines | 4 comments

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Misa with Clay Rose

After looking at beautiful jewelery works done by artists in Den of Angels forum, she decided to look up on how to use clay to make the lovely flowers as seen in many artists’ work. Since their work usually involve the use of polymer clay which needs baking, she decided to try her hands on air-dry clay first.

So off she went to Popular Bookshop to get her clay. Not much choices though. Then she saw some Korean brand air-dry clay that has colors! So she grabbed one packet, which is not exactly cheap, and went ahead to pay for it.

Then she tried to follow tutorials on how to make a clay flower. The clay was a tad bit too soft and kept sticking to her finger. She just can’t fold the petals nicely but for a first timer, she’s quite satisfied with her work. 🙂

Hope for better results in future! Practice makes perfect. 😉

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  1. that’s so cute 🙂

  2. Thanks! 🙂

  3. hi, just to let you know that Daiso sells coloured clay as well. Only $2 each. cheap cheap 🙂

  4. Oh, I didn’t see any coloured clay the last time I was at Daiso. Maybe I shall try then. I got some air-dry clay from Art Friend and it hardens easily and became so powdery. So hard to control. 🙁

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