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The Journey to Paradise

Posted on Dec 8, 2009 by in Travel | 0 comments

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Mihara Jun on ferry

Singapore -> Bintan: 1 Hour by Ferry

Bintan Resort Ferries are actually more comfortable than expected. As compared to her previous trip to Tioman by Berjaya Airways, the ferry is unexpectedly more comfortable with more leg space and lovely air-con. So be sure to enjoy the 1 hour trip! It’s so nice you can sleep well on board. 🙂

Bintan -> Ferry Point: 1 Hour by Car

Her darling and her alighted from the ferry and was directed to the VIP area where their luggage will be collected for them before leaving the ferry terminal to a ferry point to take another boat to the resort. You can enjoy coffee and tea in this lounge area while waiting for the staff to get ready everything for you to move on to the road trip. This is a special treatment given to all guests of the resort even if you’re not taking the VIP ticket for the ferry. So enjoy this part of the treatment too! 🙂 A vehicle exclusive to the resort awaits them after settling their luggages. The spaciousness of the vehicle made the 1 hour road trip rather comfortable even though the road can be a tad bit bumpy. Be sure to get a numb butt at the end of the road trip. 😛

Ferry Point -> Paradise in Asia: 20 Minutes by Boat

Upon reaching the ferry point (which is rather run-down as compared to the ferry terminal), they were being escorted to a boat resembling that of a fishing boat of sorts. Nevertheless the journey was smooth and after 20 minutes, they reached their new paradise in Asia – Nikoi Island.

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