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The Message.

Posted on Feb 26, 2010 by in Wedding | 0 comments

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Yesterday, Feng and her decided to just start some brain-storming session for their solemnization invitation card. Basically they will be providing the wordings that they will like to put on the card and the design will be done by the designers of the restaurant. 🙂

Once again, brain-storming was a headache. As Feng said, it’s not difficult to come up with the wordings for the invitations. It’s just more difficult to come up with the wordings for the invitations that are agreed upon by both parties. And as she commented back, “A decision agreed upon by both parties. This is what marriage is all about.”

So she tried to put on her random thinking cap and this time the challenge was tougher as compared to the engraving as this has to be a message for their guests, not just some words in a ring. The first proposal was done some days back and it was really some random funny crap that will never be accepted. :X

Then came some more random stuffs that was too ugly to mention. Finally they decided to come to a decision as to what style the wordings should be. Casual or formal? And from there, they proceeded to brain-storming for ideas. After an infinite number of suggestions that was okay but normal, they finally hit upon something they can work on! And that is to come up with a message using their engraving.

From there, she worked on scripting the wordings that are not too lame to be rejected. The message was scripted but it lacks an elegance to them. So more thinking on how to change the phrasing.

Then tadah! While cooking noodles for her supper, something came to her and tadah! The suggestion was made and with some editing by Feng, it was beautifully scripted. Both the cover wordings and messages were now beautifully thought out! Now they just need some time for it to settle into their mind before they proceed to giving these wordings to the restaurant! 😉

Great work done for the day! 🙂

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