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The Ring.

Posted on Feb 11, 2010 by in Wedding | 0 comments

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The Search

Finding the perfect wedding band is really not easy considering the many jewellery outlets out there offering almost different designs. Maybe for them it wasn’t as tough since they only have two jewellery brands to consider, Soo Kee Jewellery and Love & Co.

After visiting both jewellery brands, they have shortlisted some designs and since once again they prefer something more classic than fanciful, they have only shortlisted only five pairs of wedding bands in total. Considering five pairs of wedding bands was already tough enough for them, they can’t imagine how others can make a decision out of the many wedding bands out there, especially Love & Co which specialises mainly in wedding bands!

So after some comparison and discussion, they have came down to the decision to choose the special pair of wedding bands from Soo Kee Jewellery with some customization done. So they went back to the Soo Kee Jewellery outlet at Wisma Atria to make an order the wedding band. And the wait begins…

The Engraving

So after settling everything else from their solemnization, it’s time for them to brainstorm ideas for the engraving on their wedding bands. From the random brainstorm session that each of them had during random times, they came up with many ideas that was just too random or normal for them to accept:

  1. I Love You [date entered] (the super normal and boring one)
  2. Piggeek Love (from the website name)
  3. Sexy Baby on his and Zhuie on hers (their nickname for each other where there were too many to be named here)
  4. 愛してる on his and Ti Amo on hers (their own favourite languages used on each other’s band)
  5. 512 1314 [date entered] (trying some stupid phone encoding from long time ago)
  6. 171203[date of solemnization][date of actual day] (meant to be like a bar code number)
  7. Lord of the Ring on his and Maiden of the Ring on hers (this is some random crap from her)
  8. shan on his and feng on hers (super normal like their couple ring!)

Many other random ideas came from her ‘cos she just can’t think of anything nice!

So late yesterday, he suggested using one word that is meaningful to both of them and used the word for engraving. She finds it a bit boring and suddenly some random idea striked her again!

After some modifications, the engraving to be done has been settled…

So now they just need to find a time to visit Soo Kee Jewellery, try their wedding bands and if all is well, they can proceed with their engraving.

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