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The Trial… Part Two…

Posted on Feb 23, 2010 by in Wedding | 0 comments

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The makeup trial was one part of the trial for the day. The second part of the trial was the photoshoot she mentioned to Dana!

The Journey

Mr Tan was driving and so all thanks to him, they do not need to take any public transport to the location for photoshoot. But since he didn’t update his PaPaGo! GPS software and with the changing roads around that area, they went on a merry-go-round before the Duh GPS software was put into good use. With her knowledge, they were able to get to their destination while the PaPaGo! GPS software was still blabbering the wrong directions.

The Day Shoot

Upon reaching the location, they realised there were a lot of cars in the carpark! This was to their surprise considering this place doesn’t have much entertainment for people. But a lot of kites were seen flying in the sky. Maybe that’s the attractive part of the area.

So the discussion started on where to do the photoshoot. Since the photographers were Mushroom and Mr Tan, this decision was left to them to decide.

There weren’t many places for them to take their photos so they started at the fountain and the “bridge”. Posing is seriously not easy, what with the photographers not being able to suggest a lot. Luckily they had with them the helpful assistant, Duh, who suggested quite a number of poses for them. Also with the help of some props they brought, more poses were done. Amazingly with Mr Tan being married, he didn’t really suggest a lot as compared to Duh. 😛

The wind that day was also extremely strong, so much so that it was messing up with her hair. Not long after, her long strand of extension was un-curling back to its straight look while she tried to twirl it to a wavy look.

Sadly, the weather was too cloudy so there wasn’t any amazing sunset shots. So off they walked about trying to find places to take more shots until their legs turned jelly. They decided to stop by the cafe to have a drink to rest their feet and also to wait for night-time to come to try the night shots.

The Night Shoot

Soon, the sky was dark and they got off their really comfortable seats to start taking night shots. There were two other wedding couples taking photos in the same location though their crew don’t exactly look that pro either. Or maybe slightly. 🙂

Obviously, Mushroom and Mr Tan had a hard time trying to take the night shots as the place was lacking of lightings as background. The use of triggered flash was sometimes too dark or too bright. But finally they were done with the night shots and even got to watch fireworks! What a surprise since they didn’t know there will be fireworks that day. So it was an unblocked view of the grand fireworks and this took some of the tire out of their mind.

The Banned

The other reason to wait for night-time was also ‘cos they wanted to try light painting! So they lighted their sparklers and started their light painting. It was great fun doing the painting and everyone attempted it at least once, besides Mr Tan.

This was before a security guard came over and told them they were not allowed to play sparklers in a government building. And that was before Feng lighted two more sparklers. Relief or not, they don’t know. But they sure know it’s rather crap to have such a rule. Oh well, at least they had played enough before they were stopped. 🙂

So they packed up and off they went for their really late dinner at 10+ PM.

Thanks to Mushroom, Duh and Mr Tan for the Pre-ROM shots and help. This should be a good session for all of you before the real day arrives. 🙂

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