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The Trial… Part One…

Posted on Feb 23, 2010 by in Wedding | 0 comments

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She went for her makeup trial with Feng last Saturday at the Dana‘s studio located at Tanjong Pagar Plaza. They were 10 minutes late for the appointment but Dana made a point to call her to make sure she’s not lost. 🙂

The Selection

Before starting the session, Dana asked her if she has any hair style in mind that she will like for the solemnization. Having not done much homework in relation to hairstyles, she decided to leave the task to Dana to recommend some styles to her as per the dress that she’s going to wear.

For the first half an hour, Dana went through some hair magazines showing her some styles that might suit her dress. She’s going for a young and elegant look. Some interesting stuff that Dana said before flipping through the magazines. Dana asked her if she is still studying, to which she answered No. Just graduate? Another No. Just started working? She answered that she has almost worked for three years. She’s happy to know that people thinks she’s young. Every lady’s wish is to look young, isn’t it? 🙂

So two main styles were chosen. One was to half-tie the hair up and have half of the un-tied hair on both side. Another was to tie the hair up to one side only. So Dana suggested trying the first style first and said if she wanted the second style, she can simply tie it to one side. 🙂

So after the discussion, the trial started.

The Makeup

Before styling the hair, the makeup was done. The basic steps of foundation and concealer were put on. She’s amazed how Dana can achieve the concealing of her flaws while she can never do it. 😛

After that was the trimming and drawing of the eyebrows. With the maintenance of her eyebrow after one session at Shu Umera, Dana said it’s quite clean and she didn’t really did much trimming for her. After which, Dana put on fake eyelashes for her which was a first time for her! Nice long lashes that she took some time to get used to it. Then the choice of eyeshadow and then the eyeliner. Then the choice of lipstick was made. The last step was to put on blushes and tadah! The makeup is done.

The Styling

Before styling the hair, she told Dana that she’s going for a photoshoot with her friends today. Hence Dana told her it’s better to change into her dress before the hair styling.

After coming out of the washroom, Mushroom, Duh and Mr Tan had arrived at the studio! So the studio was that of noisy after they arrived. Before that it was just her and Dana chit chatting while the hubby-to-be was sitting on the sofa using his iPouch.

So the curling started with the curling tong and then it was the tying and pinning together of the hair. The first style was out and after discussing with Feng, they decided it seems to look better by tying to one side. Asymmetry seems to appeal more and looks more special. 🙂

After the hair had been pinned to one side, the look is complete!

The Accessories

So it was time to add in some accessories to look bling! So after the hairstyling is done, Dana led them to drawers of accessories. First was to choose some hair accessories. Since the dress is blue, Dana had chosen all the blue-colored accessories for her. After some trying on of the different blue accessories, the decision was made.

Then they were again led to choose some necklaces. After selecting some to try on, they chose a choker which Dana commented will look better for photoshoot to have more exaggerated style so that the effect is nicer. Agreed! 🙂

No earrings was chosen as the look is quite complete with or without earrings.

So all is done! The trial makeup was a success and Dana has given her a really lovely and natural look. Dana is really a nice lady and her skills is good! Highly recommended! They then decided to inform her of their actual day so that she can be her MUA again. They told her of their plans for photoshoot next year and since she might be away for 2-3 days, she said it’s better to consult her husband first to see if he can handle her two kids. 🙂

Overall it was a great session.


– to be continued –

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