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This Little Girl.

Posted on Aug 18, 2008 by in General | 0 comments

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And her past.

The story began like that…

This girl was really bored. She just had her dinner and she was really just surfing the Internet. This girl wanted to watch a drama but didn’t have the urge to on her external HDD. This girl wanted to take some photos but didn’t have the urge to lift her camera.

So this girl did something stupid. She typed in her name of her ex-boyfriend in facebook, in an attempt to see if her ex-boyfriend still exists somewhere where she might be able to contact him again. Not out of any feelings, but just ‘cos he is one person she wants to keep in touch again. Also ‘cos this girl wants to let him know, she already grew up.

A list of people with the same name appeared. 125 entries found. Not too bad. From one page, she clicked to another before she finally found this familiar face. Is that him? Hm. That name doesn’t look exactly familiar but that face does.

So this girl decided to try her luck with Google. And this was when the shock came to her. This was the first time she knew so much about him even though they had been together for a few months. Those months were nothing compared to what she found out with a click of the mouse.

So it really was him. Every piece of information found fits him perfectly. And there was even a photo of him that resembles him. Or IS HIM.

So this girl has found him. After so many years, she has finally found him. To be able to tell him, she has already grew up. She is no longer the one that needs him to be by her side. She is no longer the one that bugs him every single moment. And she is happy that he is doing well, being such a successful man. And she is proud of him.

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