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Tokyo Eats – Tempura Daikokuya

Posted on Feb 7, 2013 by in Food, Japan, Photography, Tokyo | 0 comments

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Three days in Hokkaido and finally it’s time to bid farewell and return back to Tokyo. So the day was spent travelling around from Hokkaido back to Tokyo…

Everytime I look at photos of my long hair I kind of missed it but when I actually have long hair again, I get tired of it. Hahaha! DILEMMA. (;゜∀゜)

Byebye Hokkaido, Hello Again Tokyo~!

So the next day was another day of adventure as we set off early to find one of the great eats of Tokyo, Tempura Daikokuya (大黒家天麩羅)~! Prior to going to Japan, we have heard from a lot of people that we definitely have to head down to this restaurant to try out their lovely tempura BUT we have to be early in order to do so ‘cos of the terribly long queue. You will know what I mean in a while. (°°`:)

Tokyo Eats - Tempura Daikokuya 大黒家天麩羅

So having done our homework the day before and the morning itself, we headed out to take the metro to Asakusa station. With the help of our half-trusty GPS on our Google Map, we started our walk to hunt down Tempura Daikokuya. Okie on the half-trusty GPS, I have no idea why it doesn’t seemed to be working well on that day ‘cos the location was really jumpy on the map. But with luck, we finally found it! And the queue had already started when we reached there. Don’t exactly remember the time but the restaurant was not opened yet when we started queuing. Here’s a photo of the queue when we LEFT the restaurant after our yummy meal. It seems to be a never-ending queue once it opens!

Tokyo Eats - Tempura Daikokuya 大黒家天麩羅

So after waiting for some time, we finally entered the restaurant in the first batch! YIPPEE~! ๓(-^╰╯^-)๓

But… The restaurant doesn’t have an English menu! With very limited hiragana knowledge and what we remembered from the recommendations of other people’s blogs, we went ahead and made our order. Haha! If I’m not wrong, we made two orders of TENDON 1 as stated on their website. (°°`:)

Waiting waiting for our foodieeeeeeee~!

Tokyo Eats - Tempura Daikokuya 大黒家天麩羅

And here’s presenting to you the overflowing bowl of tempura + rice set from Tempura Daikokuya~! ( *˘ ³˘) ~♩♬♪

Tokyo Eats - Tempura Daikokuya 大黒家天麩羅

The tempura from Tempura Daikokuya is totally different from the many tempura we have eaten in Singapore. I guess it is special just ‘cos it’s different from what we have in Singapore but I still prefer the tempura we had at Katsukura. Just a personal preference for me. Hehez. Well at least we have score an achievement by visiting one of the most popular Tokyo Eats in Japan! (ت)♪

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