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Valentine’s Staycation – Capri by Fraser (Part II)

Posted on Feb 19, 2013 by in Food, Photography, Singapore, Staycation | 0 comments

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Here’s a continuation from our staycation with Capri by Fraser and it’s finally time to bring you to our room! ✿“ヽ(´︶`*)ノ”✿

Valentine's Staycation - Capri by Fraser

Valentine's Staycation - Capri by Fraser

And here’s presenting you to the room~! As compared to Oasia Hotel, the room was obviously not as wow-ing but the size of the room was pretty impressive as compared to that of Quincy Hotel. The most interesting thing has got to be the kitchenette!

Valentine's Staycation - Capri by Fraser

Valentine's Staycation - Capri by Fraser

The work table and the kitchenette complete with induction stove, cooker hood, sink and a 90-litre fridge, the largest fridge I have ever seen in any hotel we have been to. Haha!

Valentine's Staycation - Capri by Fraser

Complete set of cutlery and what-nots for use during your stay with Capri. (´m`ν)

Valentine's Staycation - Capri by Fraser

Valentine's Staycation - Capri by Fraser

Here’s the bathroom which includes the “walk-in wardrobe” as described on the website. The bathing area was actually pretty spacious and it makes us wonder why they didn’t consider having a bathtub inside. Hehe.

Valentine's Staycation - Capri by Fraser

Valentine's Staycation - Capri by Fraser

Just show-casing some bathroom amenities. Not sure why but no razor was included in the amenities and I thought it was kind of like an essential to provide to the guests. The shower gel, shampoo and conditioner do smell pretty refreshing when used.

Valentine's Staycation - Capri by Fraser

And here’s the view from our room, from which we can see the playground area of Changi City Point, which can be pretty noisy at times when there are a lot of kids playing in the play area. So do take note if you want some peace during the daytime on a weekend that it’s probably better to take the room facing the hotel pool area.

Valentine's Staycation - Capri by Fraser

The Room Experience

Let’s talk more about the room. The room’s size was actually pretty impressive but then there was this knocking or thumping sound coming from above which we had no idea what it was. I was thinking it was probably a kid playing around since the thumping sound only came during the daytime. And we also noticed the in-room window, from which we looked out to get the view above, could actually be opened! It was pretty surprising considering the hotel residence does not allow smoking in the room so we were not very sure why they allow the windows to be opened. Probably they forgot to lock it since there is actually a key-hole in the handle that allows us to push out the window.

Then there came some weird happenings at night which I have yet to be able to explain. I was not very sure what time it was when I woke up and saw some of the spot lights in the room were on. Before turning in to sleep, I ensured that all the lights were turned off except that from the door area so I was pretty surprised at that point in time. Since I was still feeling sleepy, I just went ahead to turn off the lights and went back to sleep. Then in the morning, I woke up again after hearing my alarm and that was when I heard a loud conversation going on. Can’t say it was a conversation ‘cos I only heard an Indian talking. I vaguely heard some muffled sound but his voice was pretty loud and I was kind of taken aback by how bad the sound-proofing the walls were. But thinking back after being fully awake, it still felt kind of weird ‘cos the voice was actually pretty loud and clear. Hmmmm… I told Feng what happened and since he was pretty much sound asleep, he told me to wake him up the next time if I ever come across such things again. MEH. Creepy to think ’bout it… ((((;゜Д゜)))

Okie enough creepy. Let’s talk about our random lunch adventure and later on, our spa experience. Here’s presenting to you our self-prepared lunch~! We got some sushi from Ichiban Sushi and food from Old Chang Kee at Changi City Point for our lunch to eat together with our yusheng~! Since it was the 7th day of the Chinese New Year which is also know as 人日, we decided to make our own yusheng and do our mini loh hei in the room~! Hehe. We got the traditional yusheng from Cold Storage and the sashimi from Ichiban Sushi since most restaurants doesn’t have a mini version of yusheng for just two people so we got to DIY it. +.ヽ(*´Д`*ฺ)ノ.+

Valentine's Staycation - Capri by Fraser

Valentine's Staycation - Capri by Fraser

So after our lunch and some TV-watching and resting, we head out for our spa, which we had it arranged at 5PM the day before with the Capri staff.

The Spa Experience

So when we reached the spa area, the staff was attending to another lady so we stood around for a while to wait ’till she’s done. As Feng approached her to tell her we had an appointment at 5PM booked under his name, the staff checked her list and said that the spa was only booked for one person. Well that was pretty weird as it was stated in the package that the massage was for two isn’t it? So Feng corrected her and said it was for two and after checking for a bit more, she said that will be okie and proceeded to ask Feng what’s the mode of payment. Confuse confuse! Isn’t it included in our package?

Feng told her that we had a one-hour massage for two that was included in our package and she said our names were not in the list she got from the hotel. Feng even had to check his confirmation email on his phone and passed it over to the staff to confirm that Feng even arranged with the hotel staff the day before for our massage timing. And then a call came in and the staff was in such a fluster that when she picked up the phone, she was telling the person over the line that she’s currently experiencing heavy traffic and was trying to talk to the person before the person over the line that probably she can call back five minutes later. In my opinion, she should probably pick up the phone and let the person know they are currently busy and probably call back later instead of trying to handle our request and another at the same time, making the whole process really messy from what I see. Or as what Feng said, she could probably not pick up the phone.

Well so the staff got us to wait a moment while she checked and in the meantime, another lady just finished her massage and she got to attend to her payment. I should say the counter looks pretty stuffed at that point in time considering there was only one person handling the counter. But… There was only… Us and another lady… So after some checking with the reception (I guess…), she got Feng to sign the receipt for the massage and before proceeding for our massage, she just asked me if I am okie with not bathing for two hours since the massage includes putting on the herbal oil. Of ‘cos I said okie. But ermmm… She didn’t tell us what does the massage entails so I went in confused with another lady… (;¬_¬)

After going in with the lady, she set-up the massage bed in front of me while I ermm… Waited behind her while still being confused what’s going on since she didn’t tell me to wait a moment outside the door or what-not while she set-up the massage bed. Then she told me to change before leaving the room, without of ‘cos telling me what she’s doing and how long she will be back or what do I do after I change… (*´へ`*)”

Well so I changed and I see no hanger in the massage room nor was there any safe if I actually have something I want to keep in a safe. So I got to fold my clothes and leave them beside the sink. I was pretty much still confused as I didn’t know was I supposed to lie down on the bed or what-not while waiting for someone who just disappeared out of the door without any instructions. Luckily I have been to a spa before else I honestly think I might just wander out of the room in search for the massage lady. Haha!

After a while, the lady came back and knocked on the door to ask if I was ready. Then she came in and asked me to lie face down on the massage bed and then proceeded to give me a lovely Javanese massage (as I have subsequently found out from their brochure at the spa counter). The whole massage experience was pretty good until when it was supposed to come to the end. Once again I was being left confused as the massage lady told me the massage was done and then proceeded to ask me what drink would I like, water or tea. Well not knowing what tea, I said tea and which she said ginger tea and I went okie. Erm… I was still left lying on the bed when she said I can proceed to change. Well from all the massage I went to, the massage lady will usually help to give me a lift up so that I can sit up and proceed to change to signify the end of the massage. But apparently she didn’t and she left the room without telling me, once again, what do I do after I changed! SIGHZ.

So after changing and with some deliberation, I opened the door and saw Feng came out from his massage too. He too was a bit confused as to whether to exit the massage room. And then we went out to the spa reception area where we saw two cups of tea, assuming to be for us since we didn’t see anyone at the counter or both our massage ladies until a while later. So we sat there and enjoyed the spicy ginger tea while NO ONE attended to us again. What a nice ending to a massage. BIG BIG SIGHZ. (◯´⌒`◯)

And so after the massage, we went back to our room before heading out to get our dinner at Changi City Point again.

The Reception Experience (Part II)

Before proceeding there, we decided to ask the reception about our in-room breakfast as stated in the package. Feng specifically asked that we have a Big Messy Breakfast included in our package for in-room dining and do we have to state the time we have it in our room. Well apparently the lady at the reception looked slightly busy and she wasn’t responding when Feng asked her something. Another guy walked by and I guess was trying to ask her what’s going on before she proceeded to answer our question. Well, she looked… Lost. So she said she will check and as she did so, the guy came back again. So after some checking, she said “You asked if the breakfast was in-room or dine in the restaurant right? The breakfast will be served in the restaurant and just quote your room number and they will serve it to you.” And both gave a slightly apologetic smile before we said our thanks and walked off to get our dinner. Ermmm… Well… We asked what time do we have the breakfast in the room not whether it was a dine in or not. Obviously they were both clueless ’bout the details of the package! SIGHz.

So yeah, for dinner we got ourselves a yummy whole chicken from Cold Storage. Haha! And we thought of ordering Nasi Lemak from the in-room dining menu to try after realising the nasi lemak stall at the Expo food court was already gone. So Feng gave a call to the dining reception.

The Dining Experience (Part I)

The reception took the order from Feng and we continued eating our yummy chicken before we got a call again some time later from the dining reception. Well… It seemed that apparently the Nasi Lemak was… Not available for the day anymore! Like HUH?! You have it in your menu and you’re telling me it was not available anymore?! And why so in the first place do you take my order. Minus minus minus.

So luckily we had our chicken and curly fries from McDonalds to fill our stomach else I honestly will be a totally unhappy girl that day. MEH.

So the next morning after the creepy experience, when we fully woke up, it was already 10.30AM, past the breakfast timing. HAHAHAH! That was the first time we actually missed the breakfast of a hotel! I can’t believe we were so tired to sleep through our alarm. Well, weirdly Feng’s alarm didn’t go off and maybe that explains why he didn’t wake up to wake me up. Oops. Hehe. So we decided to waste some time around the hotel by walk about to take all those photos I have showcased before proceeding to Caprilicious to have our lunch.

Late Check Out

As previously seen in the package details, it includes a late check-out at 3PM. So after wandering about the hotel to take more photos, we decided to head back to our room so that I can change to an appropriate lens to take some photos of our lunch. Alas, when we entered the lift, it seemed like Feng can’t really tap his card. Well we went in with a few other guests who I wonder at this point in time why don’t they try to tap their card ‘cos the lift ain’t moving if we don’t tap a room card to activate the lift buttons. URGH. So another few guests entered the lift and thankfully they tapped their room card so that all of us can now proceed to our rooms. It’s erm… Probably 12+ PM when it happened. So ermmm… What happened to our late check-out at 3PM? It just got worst as the day passed by isn’t it?

So after getting our stuffs, we headed back to the reception to get our card extended until 3PM. I didn’t go with Feng to the reception so I can’t comment much on the service they give during then. Oh well. The score for Capri can’t get any lower at this point in time anymore.

The Dining Experience (Part II)

At Caprilicious, we decided to try our luck again by ordering Nasi Lemak and well they still didn’t have it. But this time the staff was pretty prompt in telling us that. Haha! So we went ahead to order a prawn aglio olio and an Indian cuisine (got to refer to Feng’s blog entry later for it ‘cos he captured a photo of the menu). I must say this was the only time both of us actually said they were awesome! The food was exceptionally awesome! But like everything around the hotel, for every good there is always a bad. The dining menu was actually kind of lacking. They don’t really have a lot of dishes in the menu and the guy didn’t inform us that those items written on the black board of the Delite deli counter was actually part of the dining menu.

And they also didn’t have a drinks menu. So when the staff asked us what drinks will we like to have, we were kind of lost again ‘cos how on earth will we know what to drink without knowing what you have and the cost of the drinks? So he listed some general names before we asked for a pineapple fruit juice. Just some improvements they could make to make the whole dining experience even more awesome I guess.

Sorry for the long-winded entry lacking in photos. Here’s presenting to you our awesome lunch with Caprilicious. The Indian cuisine was exceptionally awesome. Haha!

Valentine's Staycation - Capri by Fraser

Valentine's Staycation - Capri by Fraser

Well, it’s also time for me to end of my blog entry. Capri by Fraser is really a nice property, seeing many potentials in having youngsters or couple hanging out in the nice areas they have set up. They even have games for you to rent so honestly the potential of Capri being a hangout place for people in future is pretty high. But in order to do that, they should really brush up on their standard of service. I wouldn’t say that they are good or bad but I can say it’s pretty average and needs lots more brushing up before they can become good enough to compete with many other hotels out there. In my opinion, Capri was advertised as a residence but they shouldn’t neglect on their level of service also considering they have packages that promotes staycation for locals to come to. As what Feng said previously about Capri, for every good there is a bad thing to mention. So to summarise our stay, I will say our staycation with Capri is pretty much like Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion, for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. For now, I can safely say that I probably wouldn’t go back there again unless there is a reason to do so. I sure hope they will do justice to the beautiful property they own and become a much better hotel residence for many to enjoy in future.

Ending off with our mascot! (ت)♪

Valentine's Staycation - Capri by Fraser

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