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Water Experiment

Posted on Feb 4, 2010 by in Dolls + Figurines | 0 comments

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Water Splash

She decided to re-visit the water splash experiment that she did eons ago since she just got herself a new flash unit on Tuesday. 🙂

Thinking that the set-up was not too difficult, she went about getting all the equipments needed for the set-up. Nicely placed table and tripods, time for the container of water and the water drip. She had a tough time fiddling with the water drip to make it DRIP instead of SHOOT water out of the drip. After much fiddling, she set the camera up and attempted to do a focus on a pen in the position where the droplets will splash. This took forever! Before she knew it, the water has ran out. -.-”

So she changed another pack of water and repeat the same procedure again. Tried taking some photos and then the camera died of low battery. Great.

Re-setup the camera and repeat the tedious focusing again. This time realising the container is not producing photos to her satisfactory! She off she went to change to another container AND a new pack of water. Then this time the pack of water drip way too fast and was splashing water all over since the new container was kind of small. So she got to adjust the drip to make it drip slower. Tried spamming more photos to realise the focus was not exactly well-placed.

FINALLY, after the final adjustment, the photos were produced with some satisfactory. Experiment re-visited and she surely will try it again for better results. 🙂
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