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Wedding Workout.

Posted on Sep 29, 2010 by in Wedding | 0 comments

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While my Feng hubby is busy working out every week in preparation for next year’s wedding, I decided to do my own workout routine too.

Having started one workout routine ’bout one month back, I have stopped ever so often due to sickness. Decided to re-start my routine with a new set of workout from Shape Bride, a special edition of Shape just for the brides-to-be!

The set of workouts actually looked simple, but like every other exercises that we have seen in magazines, they always look simple but are really tough when you have to do it. Having completed the first set of workout, Touchdown, my butt and thighs had already started aching a bit. After completing the whole set of workout, my legs were almost jelly-liked! Not to mention I’m currently having really bad muscle ache, which usually happens on the 2nd day after my workout. But even so, I will persevere and strive to get a toned body that allows me to wear my gown in style and show off the curves! 🙂

Working towards being a beautiful bride! Should probably start going to facial too. :X

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